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As businesses set their own New Year’s Resolutions, improving customer service is an evergreen goal companies should strive for.

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s the opportunity to start fresh. Out with the old, unhelpful habits and in with the new, constructive behavior. But resolutions aren’t just for individuals. Businesses, too, can benefit from committing to positive change and development. And one goal that’s always worth striving for is improving […]

IVR is the bread and butter of customer service, so make sure you’re doing more with it than using it as a staple service.

In the world of customer service, IVR is a staple. It’s your bread and butter. Traditional, but reliable. And many companies (smartly) invest time and resources ensuring that their IVR is successful – in first call resolution, containment, reducing misroutes and decreasing average handle time. But as I continue to work with customers to assess […]

Helping companies drive new innovations to meet heightened consumer demands for superior customer experiences is critical.

Innovation. Such a simple word that can make or break a company. As Patrick Gray wrote in ZDNet recently, “the heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation.” I would argue that the soul of the company is innovation but the heart belongs to the customers. Without customers, a business is nothing. That’s […]