Melinda "Mel" Tully
Melinda (Mel) Tully is the vice president of clinical services and education for Nuance Healthcare, overseeing the development and expansion of clinical documentation programs and clinical education best practices. Mel joined Nuance in 1998 and has more than 25 years of experience in multiple healthcare arenas as a provider, clinical manager in a large academic facility, and as an expert in clinical documentation improvement (CDI). Mel attended Emory University, where she earned her Master’s degree in Nursing. She has been certified through the Association of Clinical Documentation Specialists (ACDIS) as a clinical documentation specialist, as well as by the American Health Information and Management Association (AHIMA) as a documentation improvement practitioner.
Melinda "Mel" Tully’s stories
More than ever, CDI teams make high-quality patient care possible

Each September, CDI Week provides a great opportunity to recognize the professional skill that the Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (CDSs) and their Health Information Management (HIM) cohorts bring to clarifying “what matters” for a complete clinical story. This’s years CDI Week takes on an added dimension that deserves our attention. Beyond handling the growing volume […]

What’s in the CMS FY2020 IPPS Final Rule?

With the release of their FY2020 IPPS Final Rule, CMS appears to be sending a clear message: they’re working to transform the healthcare delivery system to bring patients better value and better outcomes. The new policies reflect some historic changes as well as more traditional, expected updates; in all cases, the Final Rule has important […]

New ACDIS scholarship to help CDI professionals advance their careers

Every profession evolves over time—and that’s no truer than in the realm of CDI professionals, who must learn and adapt each and every day. Continuous learning happens daily, with every new case and each interaction. But, formalized continuing education remains especially vital. The benefits of continuing education are wide and well-documented, from improving your earning […]

Celebrating CDI superheroes who help make high-quality patient care possible

Superheroes, it’s been said, symbolize hope as well as “the power to overcome any adversary.” They do good deeds, sweep in to save people who can’t save themselves, and act courageously in the face of adversity. Superheroes don’t exist only in fiction, however, and as the catchphrase goes, “not all heroes wear capes,” and the […]

Improve-documentation-productivity-get-back-timeHow AI-driven CDI programs give people more of what we need most: time

Originally posted in the August 2019 ICD-10 Monitor. The concept of “doing more with less” is far from uncommon. You hear it every day in nearly every aspect of life: at home, we strive to live simply; in the community, we build resiliency; and at work, we are asked to boost productivity while improving effectiveness. […]