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Finding city information is faster, easier and more enjoyable when using a conversational IVR.

Whether you’re a night owl, pulled an all-nighter or spent your evening tossing and turning, waking up in the morning can be difficult. Millions of people around the world turn to a big cup of coffee to give them that extra boost of energy necessary to keep them alert, productive and focusing on what’s important. […]


The IVR mindset is shifting. Originally, the essential goals of a company’s IVR were containment and automation. But now there’s a lot more an IVR needs to do to keep customers satisfied and allow companies to reap the business benefits of using an automated system. Many times customers call into an IVR with the express […]

Use data to streamline IVR design and improve the customer experience.

Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs) have come a long way. With name greetings and proactive notifications, they are more personal today than they have ever been. IVRs can infer a caller’s intent by looking up their phone number and recent activities, and can converse with callers in a natural, human-like manner. Many of the innovative […]