Michael Clark is the senior vice president and general manager for Provider Solutions within Nuance’s Healthcare division, leading EHR Services, clinical documentation creation and improvement. A results-driven, accountable leader, Michael aligns organizations to prioritize the customer experience, honor the product roadmap, and execute against the company vision. He has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare market and a breadth of experience driving and transforming global teams, products, and services. Prior to joining Nuance in 2016, Michael held several executive leadership roles at healthcare organizations including Evariant and MedQuist. Michael holds a B.A. in Marketing and International Business from Miami University and MBA from the University of Miami School of Business.
Michael Clark’s stories
Top Insights for EHR Go-Live Success in a Virtual World

Go-lives are notoriously large undertakings that require extensive planning to ensure new technology doesn’t cause lengthy disruptions while users acclimate to a new EHR. Virtual go-lives are no different; in fact, they require additional considerations for support teams to be aligned and effective, whether help comes in-person or from afar. I sat down with Jodie […]

Going online with your go-live

Whether dealing with work, school, or social lives, most professionals have now found some way to adapt to COVID-19. How comfortable the adaptation feels may vary. The pandemic forced many healthcare organizations to change how they planned to administer healthcare. As the virus remains present on our minds and with an eye toward the risk […]

How data analytics helps achieve better outcomes for patient and healthcare providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift in data analytics. Teams who once coped with fragmented, delayed reports can no longer get by with this approach; they need an ecosystem that delivers real-time, data-driven, prescriptive insights that help them respond and adapt to a tremendously dynamic (maybe volatile) environment. For example, there’s a greater need […]

Keeping key diagnostic drivers top of mind in the challenging emergency department environment

We know from new research that just three diagnostic errors are the cause of almost 75% of patient harm—not to mention $1.8 billion in malpractice payouts—in the emergency department (ED): misdiagnosed cancers, vascular events, and infections. But what if there were a way to help improve the risk profile here? I recently had the opportunity […]

Meet your patients where they are with 24/7/365 answers to their portal questions

As patients take increasingly active, hands-on roles in their healthcare—truly becoming part of the care team—they need immediate, reliable access to the medical records, test results, and care plans so they can continue to advocate for themselves. With the Epic MyChart Patient Portal, healthcare organizations enable exactly that: secure, online, on-demand access to their health […]

Attaining and maintaining organizational buy-in for your MyChart Patient Portal

According to research just released this summer, access to a patient portal leads to “fewer emergency department visits and more outpatient clinic visits”—meaning that these patients are making better decisions about how to manage their care and conditions, avoiding costly emergency visits and inpatient admissions. And while the majority of healthcare organizations have given their […]

How to connect with the unconnected patient

As our lives become increasingly digital, we all expect—and maybe even depend on—connectivity. From pre-ordering a coffee to checking on our bank account, we want easy, online access to the fundamental aspects of modern life. And those expectations extend to our medical information too. Patient portals in general and Epic MyChart, in particular, have been […]

Why your patient portal needs a committee

This blog post is part two in a five-part series to explore how healthcare organizations can make the most of their Epic MyChart patient portal to engage patients for better care.  When it comes to the adoption and use of an online patient portal, recent industry data offers a bit of a mixed bag. The […]

Voice biometrics has gone mainstream due to recent increase in fraud and security needs, more mobile consumers, increased attention on other biometric authentication such as iris and fingerprint, and the growing expectations of consumers for an omni-channel experience.Engaging patients for better care: making the most of your Epic MyChart Patient Portal

It’s something that makes sense intuitively, and research bears it out: patients who are engaged and involved in their healthcare have better outcomes and better experiences. Online patient portals are one way to create this engagement. And while providing access to the patient portal is a critical first step toward complying with Meaningful Use objectives, […]

Committing to a growth mindset

Thirty years ago, Stanford psychology professor Dr. Carol Dweck began her pioneering research into why some students rebounded and flourished after a failure whereas others were defeated by it. The result of this work, initially based in the world of education, is what we know today as “growth mindset” versus “fixed mindset.” In short, people […]

Engaging surgeons for better documentation

When it comes to documenting procedures, too many surgeons are dissatisfied with the status quo: documentation requirements add to surgeons’ daily burden, coding of procedures is complex and dynamic, and busy days with long procedures can have a negative impact on documentation accuracy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our newest white paper, […]