Monique Lind’s stories

How do you know whether a customer would benefit from a virtual assistant or human agent? With the rise of chatbots and virtual assistants, we see chatter about these technologies replacing humans. But it shouldn’t be an “either – or” decision. Instead, organizations should look at their own unique needs and connect the two to […]

You’ve seen the commercials for various insurance companies who tout their mobile capabilities: get insurance quotes, compare quotes, access FAQs, request roadside assistance, make an online payment, access a digital ID card, even contact your agent via email or voice. These are all common services provided by most enterprise insurance providers. However, perhaps the most […]

Cater to all generations when considering your customer experience strategies

Millennials! Millennials! Millennials! Sometimes GenX-ers and Baby Boomers tend to feel like Jan Brady whining the woes of being overlooked by brands who cater to the preferences of the favorite child – Millennials. The more Millennials lean toward doing everything digitally and demanding more personalization, the more brands serve through digital means, resulting in a […]

omni channel engagement

Why do people go on vacation? Have you ever met someone that says they don’t want to take a vacation? People want to flee their everyday lives and experience something new. Who doesn’t want to visit a place with better weather, clear waters and great service? With school out and the first weeks of summer […]