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Many companies provide multiple channels for customer communication, but when the channels can’t communicate with each other, you end up missing important pieces.

The pieces of a puzzle never make sense when you pour them out of the box. Each piece on its own doesn’t have enough information for you to understand the bigger picture. Only once you’ve assembled the pieces in their correct locations and fit them all together, do you see what you’ve created. The same […]

We’re barely 60 days in to 2014 and we’ve already seen two Polar Vortex storms and widespread weather-related outages around the country. The National Weather Service has issued multiple winter storm warnings and advisories from the central Appalachian Mountains north to southern New England, including all of the Middle Atlantic States. The severe weather has […]

This Halloween season, ghosts, vampires, witches and zombies will be out in force. But, what happens if ghouls knock on your door in the real world? Is your company ready for a zombie apocalypse to occur? Many organizations aren’t prepared to handle that kind of widespread business disruption. Zombie-proof communications are critical to understanding how […]

President Obama recently announced aggressive plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent over the next five years. These regulations, which could go into effect as early as next year, have the potential to seriously restrict the types and amounts of power available. How will this effect utility companies and their customers? Warming up […]