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Creating a bionic contact center agent

“Bionics” describes technology that is inspired by nature – similar to AI, which describes the ability of a computer to act like a human. When talking about bionic agents we don’t mean contact center agents with prosthetic arms that make them type faster, or any other physical modification of the human body. We are talking […]

My fifteen-year journey with Dragon

At only 21 years old, living with a disability in a developing country (Nairobi, Kenya), the chances that I would ever live a close to normal life seemed slim. Just before I joined University, I was involved in a road crash where I sustained a spinal-cord injury which left me quadriplegic – paralyzed from the […]

Why RCS Business Messaging might be the next big thing

I’m dreaming of a world where it is easy to use my mobile phone to connect with a brand wherever I am. No fuss, just picking it up and asking my question or doing whatever needs to be done. Just to be clear, I don’t contact the companies I do business with on a daily […]

Do you and your chatbot need therapy?

In all good relationships, there comes a time when the two parties involved find themselves needing a little intervention, a bit of therapy, a series of counseling sessions… Close partnerships will inevitably encounter the same issues as other partnerships. In marriages, the culprit for bumpy roads can range from children and religion to money and […]

How Opus is helping organizations simplify their communication strategy

Have you ever asked yourself why business-to-consumer communication has become much more complicated over the years? After all, asking a question and then getting a response is a natural, everyday part of life. Since technology has taken over the world of communication, it seems like it has become more difficult to get an answer, even […]

Here’s how you give your customers their time back!

A new study commissioned by Nuance shows that each year 90% of US consumers are wasting a day “on hold”. That’s 24 hours which could be used for so many things, all better than holding a phone to your ear. Our survey respondents said they would spend more time with family (37%) would get more […]

Deliver great customer service through your contact centerLet’s address the elephant in the contact center

There has been a lot of noise around customer engagement lately. New channels to use for customer service, an increase in self-service, decline in traditional channel usage, a robot take-over – but what does all of that actually mean? With new channels comes more choice. Customers have more options to reach out to a brand […]

How the machines will adjust to us: A short story about “conversational AI” growing up

For years we have been trained on how to interact with machines – how to use a mouse, what to click for a specific action, and maybe even how to write code in a variety of languages. But talking, gestures, or facial expressions are natural ways for us to communicate. Machines that can understand these […]

Why Punxsutawney Phil should not be the norm for prediction in customer service

Punxsutawney, a small town in Pennsylvania, draws thousands of visitors every year on February 2nd when Phil the Groundhog predicts the weather. On February 2nd, 2018 it will be the 132nd time. According to a legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not […]

Become the psychic for your customer service

Working in Marketing requires us to read about what’s going on in the market. This can be challenging at times, sifting through the massive volumes of content, especially when you deal with technology that is a hot trend right now, like AI. But every now and then you stumble over great pieces like an article […]