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Brown University published research that uncovered an alarming trend among healthcare providers: physicians are spending less time with patients and more time on the computer. This study isn’t an outlier, unfortunately, but clearly illustrates how the people at the heart of medicine—patients and providers alike—need healthcare technology to quicken the pace of innovation. In many […]

The topic of business growth is often viewed in terms of tangible, measurable things—revenue; headcount; or investments in engineering, product development, sales, and so on. But it’s the intangible factors, from employee mindset to the quality of customer relationships, that truly drive a company toward a state of growth. Consider how Apple achieved a historic […]


Provider burnout is a major issue for the healthcare industry, as a whole – and it’s a human issue at its heart. The people caring for all of us are suffering day-to-day, and that’s a problem worth solving. But it’s more than that. Provider burnout has real and frankly frightening implications for patient safety and […]

Tuesday morning, I attended the HealthTrust University Conference in Nashville, where the theme was amplifying your influence. HealthTrust is a large industry organization with thousands of hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory members like HCA and Trinity. Their mission is to strengthen provider performance and clinical excellence. The HealthTrust event featured a fireside chat with former […]

We’re inspired by the power of voice to multiply the impact of everything we do. We’re helping providers use their voices to do their jobs better, improve reimbursements, capture better patient stories, and advance compliance efforts. Today’s innovative solutions mean we can have a positive impact on patient care as well as imagine the next […]

Late last year, KLAS Research wrote about the three biggest challenges in healthcare IT: (1) interoperability and data acquisition; (2) provider engagement and burnout; and (3) the financial pressures of the cost of care. We all know there are many challenges that healthcare organizations struggle with every day. At Nuance, we are working to reduce transcription […]

I had the privilege of participating in the POLITICO Health Live panel discussion titled “Health Care Innovators: A Turning Point in Health IT?” It was a lively discussion and excellent opportunity to engage with policy and technology experts as we examined how health IT tools are delivering on their promise to improve how providers communicate […]

artificial intelligence in healthcare

This week, I had the privilege of attending the World Medical Innovation Forum. This year’s Forum, of course, focused heavily on the advancements and opportunities of AI in healthcare, something in which we at Nuance are deeply invested. From discussions around how ambient intelligence with real-time, AI-driven information and analytical recommendations offer an opportunity to […]

Becker's healthcare top 150 places to work

Nuance recently earned a place on the Becker’s Healthcare 2018 list of the “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare.” We are proud to be recognized by Becker’s, and believe it affirms the steps we’ve taken to create a culture that supports, enables and empowers our employees to achieve their professional and personal goals. It […]


Healthcare IT News reported last week on a new and exciting development in healthcare AI: Vanderbilt University Medical Center has collaborated with Nuance to create an AI-powered voice assistant for providers to navigate their Epic EHR. Much like the AI in Action experience room we hosted at HIMSS 2018, Vanderbilt caregivers now can rely on […]

artificial intelligence cloud representing the internet-of-things

Last fall, Gartner issued its inaugural report on the state of the infrastructure-as-a-service market—this is the space that provides cloud computing and storage. In this IaaS research, Amazon sat (predictably) at the top in terms of revenue and share. Microsoft and Alibaba rounded out the top three providers, but when combined with Google, the report […]

leadership management change

It is fitting that Nuance, a company leading change and growth in healthcare IT, experience our own change and transition. Our change comes with the planned retirement of Paul Ricci, who for the past 18 years as Nuance CEO led the company’s growth from a $50 million software publisher to a multi-billion-dollar leader in Conversational […]

The single biggest obstacle that we collectively face is how we think about AI and what might be possible. Asking “Why not?” instead of “Why?” Our version of “Why not?” at Nuance Healthcare is driven by envisioning “a world where technology enhances the ability for clinicians to take care of their patients and doesn’t get […]

Image of Dragon Medical virtual assistant in action

We’ve long been focused on reimagining the way things are done in healthcare. At Nuance Healthcare, our vision is: “A world where technology enhances the ability for clinicians to take care of their patients and doesn’t get in the way.” During the conference, we made a key announcement that continues to support this vision with […]

Since The Trusted Advisor was first published some 17 years ago, many organizations have worked hard to cultivate trust-based organizations. The authors remind us that trust is a two-way street: one entity must be trusted, and one entity must do the trusting. Unfortunately, in more recent years, cyberattacks have become a proverbial roadblock on that […]

We are on the cusp, as McKinsey writes, of a new automation age. With the latest developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, automation is changing how we work—across the spectrum of industries. Automating aspects of work can enable reduced errors, improved quality and speed, and the ability to achieve greater outcomes. Although economists […]

The topic of cutting costs from the U.S. healthcare system rightfully garners a lot of attention. American consumers continue to grow concerned about the affordability of healthcare and health insurance—while healthcare spending is expected to grow 5.5% annually over the next decade as the population continues to age. From the provider perspective, healthcare systems face […]

Sheryl Sandberg quote about change

Today’s healthcare models now prioritize patient care and population health, along with a new emphasis on quality measurement and payments based on value and outcomes as opposed to quantity and system utilization. CIOs must assume new roles: agent of change and IT implementer. They are rolling out tools and devices for clinicians to use across […]

New idea, innovation, Incandescent lightbulbs laying next to one glowing, energy efficient lightbulb.

Innovation requires you to think about how people and organizations will use and adapt to new technologies, sometimes in unexpected ways. In other words, innovation is technology-based but not just about the technology. A current example of technology-driven innovation comes from our ongoing work in optimizing the use of certified electronic health record (EHR) systems. […]

Amidst the discussions about medical costs, insurance payments, and research and technology advances, it’s easy to lose sight of one overriding truth: healthcare is personal. In fact, it’s a personal mission of mine to connect the work we do in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and natural language processing directly to improved healthcare outcomes for patients […]

Disruption means something different to each of us.  Most of us don’t want our goals, our plans or our lives disrupted. However, in the world of high tech, the term disruption has reached the status of business buzzword. We praise it, clamor for more of it, and encourage it to enter a market and drive […]

Welcome to the new year.  A fresh slate is exciting, and often prime for lists of resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. However, experience has taught me that many resolutions quickly fall from our list of priorities while most predictions fall short or give way to the truth. Because of this, I ground predictions […]

With this year rapidly coming to an end, it feels natural to reflect. A chapter is closing, taking with it the good memories, as well as the more challenging ones. This season and the arrival of the winter holidays inspires me to consider something important, but not often discussed in day-to-day life: Joy. Allow me […]

Artificial Intelligence and analytics have become deeply integrated into our lives. Most of us encounter these algorithms multiple times per day: a customer service voice recognition program, an online shopping recommendation, or a well-targeted Facebook ad. As our ability to harness machine learning becomes increasingly sophisticated, we see that healthcare is where these applications have […]

At Nuance, we have much to be thankful for this year. Our thankfulness is because of the major malware attack we faced this summer, not despite it. The summer of 2017 was perhaps the most challenging season the company has ever faced. It delivered to us hard-won wisdom about relationships, resiliency and grit. It changed […]


I was heartened by the recent news that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is reevaluating its provider regulations. The agency is concerned that the rules overly limit the amount of time that providers spend with their patients. This reconsideration effort – called the Patient over Paperwork initiative – comes at a crucial […]

The current epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in the United States is one of population health’s biggest challenges. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, but very few Americans need a reminder:  nearly 30 million people, or 10 percent of the U.S. population, are estimated to have Type 2 (also known as adult-onset) diabetes. An estimated […]

It has been a privilege to connect with the nation’s health IT leaders at the CHIME 2017  CIO Forum in San Antonio this week. Listening to their stories and challenges, and seeing the healthcare landscape through their eyes, is vital to helping us create the best possible technology to unburden clinicians and advance patient care. The […]


If someone had told me 90 days ago that I would spend the early part of autumn urging other healthcare industry leaders to consider the cybersecurity and resilience of their own organizations, I am not sure I would have believed it. Yet, this is exactly the right place to be. I am fulfilling a pledge […]

Hospitals were able to continue care during Hurricane Harvey with cloud-based medical image sharing

Medical professionals know better than anyone the qualities it takes to face unexpected challenges head on. They see it every day in patients who are faced with difficult diagnoses and treatments. They see the courage and strength in their patients who respond to adversity with a willingness to keep fighting, even when it’s hard. There […]


During the solar eclipse that swept across the U.S. on Monday, darkness fell as the shadow of the moon blocked out the sun. Like a shadow, business challenges can obscure the positive developments at an organization. In the darkest moment, it can be hard to see anything but the urgent operational issues that demand attention. […]

resilience hardwired in our DNA

Medical professionals know better than anyone the qualities it takes to face unexpected challenges head on. They see it every day in patients who are faced with difficult diagnoses and treatments. They see the courage and strength in their patients who respond to adversity with a willingness to keep fighting, even when it’s hard. There […]

Nuance Healthcare value of relationships

First and foremost, thank you. We want to thank our clients again for standing with us – your mission is our passion. We are committed to earning your loyalty and to regaining any trust that may have been lost. This loyalty and trust is invaluable as we go forward together. We take pride in our […]

The global NotPetya malware incident that affected us and thousands of other organizations worldwide was unprecedented. It was highly sophisticated, spread quickly, and caused harm. Understandably, it also created a lot of confusion. Some initial media accounts were inaccurate and misconceptions about the incident continue to spread. That kind of uncertainty can create fear. The […]

Satish Maripuri explains the malware incident that affected Nuance

A computer malware program is often called a virus for a reason. Like its biological namesake, malware can spread quickly and cause serious harm.  When it comes to health, people often are afraid of viruses because they don’t understand what they are or how they work. The same is true for malware. There has been […]