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Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), one of the largest banks in the world, this week announced the launch of RBC Secure Voice - a conversational voice biometrics authentication solution.

PINs, passwords and security questions are going the way of VCRs, pay phones, and check writing. Like these relics from another time, authentication technology has evolved to offer a better alternative for the digital world we live in. The growing risk of security hacks and customer frustration with the number and complexity of the passwords […]

Voice biometrics allows customers to simply speak in their natural voice to provide identity verification.

Every time I have to stop and remember a PIN or a password, I’m reminded that the world is filled with catch-22s. If, off the top of my head, I know the necessary security information – chances are it’s not particularly secure. And that scares me – especially with the news regularly filled with new […]

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is easing the burden on customers and its agents by deploying voice biometrics in its call centers to reduce call times with a secure, fast and easy way to verity customer identity.

No one likes wasting time. We all attempt to save time where we can, and nothing is more frustrating than sitting on the phone with a call center for longer than necessary. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is leading the way for tax agency call center customer experience: it is now the first organization in […]

Voice biometrics delivers easier, safer security authentication for customers.

Verifying your identity by having to answer a litany of security questions can be frustrating. But, there is a better way. Voice biometrics allows customers to get service in the most natural and intuitive way, through their voice. That’s why it’s exciting to announce today that Eastern Bank has become the first bank in North […]

Voice biometrics delivers easier, safer security authentication without passwords and PINs.

Delivering great customer service is the most important priority for every call center. Unfortunately, call center agents can become easy targets for fraudsters, impersonators and various “bad actors” that want to execute crimes by socially engineering call center agents. In fact, recent research from Infiniti Research shows that one out of every 2,500 calls into […]

Voice biometrics delivers easier, safer security authentication without the passwords and PINs.

As we’ve seen in the recent past, voice biometrics has been embraced around the globe as a convenient, secure replacement for PINs, passwords, and security questions when it comes to customer authentication. Today, SK Telecom joins the growing list of global organizations who are turning to voice biometrics to put an end to the universal password […]

Voice biometrics delivers easier, safer security authentication without the passwords and PINs.

Consumers have long worried about personal data privacy. Barely a week goes by without the news reporting on the latest data breach at a bank, hospital, insurance company or retail organization. In today’s connected word, consumers are accessing dozens of personal accounts from mobile apps, smartphones and the web. At the same time, hackers are […]

Forget passwords and PINs, your 3rd grade teacher’s name and card verification numbers. Companies around the globe are making accessing accounts though customer care agents as simple as small talk. I observe this time after time, especially in the financial industry where competition is fierce and customer satisfaction is vital: Customers are frustrated with the […]

Strategic voice biometrics tips for better customer authentication

Throughout the past year we’ve seen a number of successful voice biometrics launches in variety of applications and industries. With this in mind, we partnered with Opus Research to follow up with dozens of solution providers, system integrators and enterprise customers who have successfully deployed voice biometrics to compile a number of best practices. The […]


Today the 2014 Opus Research Voice Biometrics Conference kicks off in London. This will be my second time in attendance at the VBC and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the respected industry analysts, leading companies, and customers who are joining this year. Although I’m relatively new to the Nuance team, I’m passionate […]


Sales reps are busy, busy people. They are often on the go, spending the majority of their time on the road meeting with clients and potential customers. Customer relations management (CRM) systems exist to help sales reps do their job effectively- they promise things like increased win rates, better data for sales operations and management, […]

Every six months, thousands of elderly citizens in Mexico City have to show up in person at their bank to prove their identity before collecting their pension check. If the pensioner fails to show up, the pension will not be given. The process, known as “proof of life”, is important as it ensures that taxpayers’ […]

Last week, I went to my bank to make a deposit during lunch hour. At the ATM terminal, I noticed a man standing nearby talking on the phone. The conversation sounded business-like, and was nothing out of the ordinary, so I didn’t pay any further attention to him.  I entered my PIN and went on […]