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For CES 2019 we joined forces to deliver a multi-sensorial user experience that builds on the innovative strengths of both companies – Nuance’s conversational AI-based mobility assistant and Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s “smart windshield” concept

Initially, car glazing was designed to protect passengers from exterior incidents while providing visual, acoustic and thermal comfort. But this is about to change. As autonomous driving redefines the mobility experience, the in-car user experience will change significantly. Both Nuance Automotive, the pioneer in advanced multi-sensory mobility assistants, and Saint-Gobain Sekurit, reference supplier of innovative […]

Customized voices are a great way to enhance and distinguish a brand

Personalization is one of the key features that distinguishes modern in-car smart assistants, mobility assistants or personal assistants from traditional infotainment systems as well as from one another. Building on white-labeled development platforms like Nuance Dragon Drive, car manufacturers have a chance to develop a personalized experience that is tailored to users’ specific needs and […]

Nuance Auto supports Veoneer’s Learning Intelligent Vehicle in creating trust in autonomous driving

The autonomous vehicle revolution is gaining momentum. The technology promises to make our lives far easier, taking the stress out of traveling, make commuting time more productive and entertaining, while at the same time making our roads safer. But there’s one aspect of the technology that still needs addressing: building trust between car and driver. […]

Experiencing the digital car of the future at CES 2019

At booth 4138 of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) visitors got a chance to experience Nuance’s Dragon Drive mobility assistant during a virtual cruise down the streets of the Big Apple. In a 220°-degree immersive theater we brought “the city that never sleeps” to life and delivered a natural and intuitive experience of the […]

How Nuance and Affectiva are bringing emotional intelligence to the mobility assistant

We’re seeing a significant shift in the way that people today want to interact with technology and devices. As virtual assistants become more popular – in smart speakers, online, and even in our cars – these assistants need to interact with people in the same way that we interact with one other. The transactional, question-and-response […]

Nuance introduces Siren detection feature to smart mobility assistants

In an emergency, every second counts when the rescue team is headed to their destination. Rightfully, police, firefighter or ambulance vehicles require special attention from drivers. Each of us can likely think of a time when we were driving along, perhaps distracted by a phone call or a song on the radio, and an emergency […]

New features like gaze or gesture detection – as demonstrated in Berlin with our Dragon Drive showcase – allow effortless engagement with the car and the environment outside the car

The automotive industry is among the top spaces for Internet of Things (IoT) adoption. “New automotive technologies are changing the way we think, live and drive,” IFA states in the official press release announcing its SHIFT Automotive Convention. We had the chance to present our Dragon Drive Demo to several journalists in Berlin during IFA […]

MBUX, Mercedes-Benz’ new user experience system with intelligent voice controls powered by Nuance’s hybrid Dragon Drive platform

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), Mercedes-Benz’s new human-machine interface and automotive assistant with intelligent voice controls, is one of a kind – in more than one way: It got great reviews in the media, where people claimed the system was “smarter than the average Siri or Alexa,” as it understands and continuously learns the needs […]

Use cases and capabilities of a smart car-sharing application as part of the voice-enabled automotive assistant

Through 2030, analysts predict impressive annual growth rates between 15 and 30 percent for the shared vehicle market. OEMs will be forced to ask themselves “How can we offer a seamless brand experience with our vehicles to assure the loyalty of users that are not owners or are not in a position to buy?” and […]

Digital automotive assistants can play a major role in shared mobility

Daimler and BMW joining forces for a combined mobility service; pilot projects of car manufacturers offering subscription models for their vehicles; Volkswagen announcing “zero-emission” car sharing services from 2019 onwards: The automotive industry is currently facing disruptive changes and car manufacturers are constantly reassessing and transforming their car-ownership centered strategies to participate in and benefit […]

what3words offers an addressing system built for voice

Collecting your children from the Kindergarten at ///novelist.evolves.proofs, meeting your fiancé for a picnic in the middle of Hyde Park at ///sparks.impact.quit, or witnessing motor sports history at ///exclude.exulted.florists, the famous Pikes Peak, home of the International Hill Climb: what3words and their 3-word address system is transforming the voice-powered landscape and revolutionizing the way we […]

Voice control has emerged as a distinguishing factor of the in-vehicle user experience

Voice-enabled technology is conquering the homes of millions of people these days. In the US, one in six adults already owns a voice-activated smart speaker, and its adoption rates are even outpacing those of smartphones and tablets. This growing awareness of virtual assistants has a strong influence on the automotive sector, too: “Today, people are […]

Latest advancements in technology assure a great user experience when interacting with the automotive assistant

“Hey Mercedes, do I need sunglasses tomorrow in Miami?” The announcement of the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas raised worldwide attention. Especially the intelligent voice control system was highlighted in the reviews and makes the MBUX far more than a Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) or infotainment system. It […]