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Healthcare financial leaders from across the country gathered at the HFMA-ANI conference in Las Vegas last week to discuss strategies for rethinking and reshaping the business of healthcare in order to derive more value out of what they do and better support patient care.  When speaking with attendees at the event, it was clear that […]

Despite the multi-faceted nature of healthcare, providing the best care for those who are sick and preventing illness in those who are well is a goal of everyone who works in the industry, from triage units to health IT developers and administrative teams.  While everyone plays a role in improved patient outcomes at some level, […]

Stress fractures are tiny cracks in weight-bearing bones caused by the repeated application of force, usually due to overuse.  I am an orthopedic surgeon, so I was trained to not only treat my patients’ existing condition, but to consider the cause of that condition as well, in this case, that moment immediately preceding the formation […]

  We’ve all been in situations where we’ve taken the rap for something with undue cause.  So why would it be any different in healthcare?  A recent Health Grades report shows that hospitals with high quality scores have lower mortality rates compared to those with lower quality rankings.  The study also estimates that 234,252 lives […]

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“The greatest of all stresses does not come from a lack of sleep or time.  It comes from believing deeply in one set of values and finding that you are trapped into living by another set.”  I came across this poignant comment from Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen in the recent New York Times article “Who […]

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A recent survey revealed that nearly nine out of ten physicians believe the complexity of ICD-10 codes will make it much more difficult for them to document patient conditions and, as a result, will negatively impact their productivity.  And it’s not just physicians who are worried— provider organizations also share this concern about how ICD-10 […]

As physicians, we are trained to keep a close eye on things – monitor slow-progressing conditions, make split-second decisions – but always in the context of ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. So, when electronic health records (EHRs) were introduced and compliance-related initiatives like ICD-10 announced, we grew frustrated with the daunting focus […]

Until a few months ago, AMA was requesting that ICD-10 not be implemented at all, therefore, it isn’t surprising that most physicians have had little or no enthusiasm for ICD-10, and many have waited to see if the October 2013 deadline was extended. The trouble is, they are now lagging behind regarding their office preparation […]