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Dragon Anywhere Group mobile app for Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is swiftly becoming a mainstay across a wide range of professions. In fact, nearly 75% of the total US workforce is projected to be mobile in less than five years.  And with 90% of professionals across client-focused industries such as legal, social work and public safety using their smartphones to help them be […]

I’ve always been particularly envious of the montage scenes in movies. You know, the ones where characters go through a rapid transformation through a series of quick edits. I get a bit jealous because, often, these montages show characters being incredibly productive and efficient and making things look very simple. They get so much accomplished […]

People with disabilities can use technology in work, school, and home settings.

Today is World Usability Day, an event dedicated to making the world work better, by promoting access to technology, products and services that make life easier. There’s no denying the positive impact that technology can have on our personal and professional lives, education initiatives, government programs, and much more. For people living with disabilities, technology […]

Nuance announces five new Dragon products at first-ever Dragon Live event

No matter what industry you find yourself working in, productivity is normally something that everyone strives for. We are always searching for better ways to complete projects, execute campaigns, and meet deadlines. Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, Dragon has evolved into a trusted productivity tool for professionals across industries. Lawyers, public safety officials, […]

Dragon Live, a digital event bringing you the latest productivity software. It's Dragon for work.

Welcome to the official Nuance Dragon Live liveblog! On August 18, 2015 we’re unveiling some exciting Dragon news – and with so much to share, we had to make it a special event. Tune in here on Tuesday at 11:00 am EDT to catch real-time updates as the event unfolds. I’ll be up on stage […]

Nuance’s Ask the Dictator video series is back with all new episodes, featuring Peter “The Dictator” Mahoney.

One of my favorite things about Dragon is the vibrant community of users. It’s pretty special to see such a large number of people so passionate about a product. As Nuance CMO and GM of the Dragon business, I spend much of my time engaging with our Dragon customers and partners, hearing about how people […]

While I’ve been passionate about accessibility for many years now, it’s not something I understood overnight. In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I wanted to share my almost 50-year journey of lessons and evolving understanding with you.   Accessibility = Democracy I’ve experienced a massive shift in how not only I think about accessibility […]

Just this week, we woke up in the Boston area to a light dusting of mid-April snow, a cruel reminder of the incredibly long winter that we all endured here in New England. But there is no more sure sign of spring in Boston than the Boston Marathon, which is run every year on Patriots […]

We have seen important developments in the advancement of natural language understanding (NLU) and artificial intelligence (AI), both of which radically changed the way we engage the mobile user interface (UI) on smartphones and tablets. These developments have helped to evolve the UI into a more conversational interaction between people and technology – and have […]

The graphical user interface (GUI) helped to make computers more accessible to a widespread audience, and serves as a crucial component of modern touchscreen smartphones and tablets. By allowing people to point and click or press on a link, icon or tab, and easily insert text, images and video, computers and machine systems were able […]

The last few years have seen rapid progress in the adoption of voice recognition technology as a means for people to interact with some of the devices and machines that are most prevalent in their lives, including smartphones, tablets, televisions and automobiles. And, over the last year specifically, there have been innovative and dynamic advancements […]

Nuance is excited to announce that Chief Technology Officer Vlad Sejnoha has been named the 2013 Chief Technology Officer of the Year by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.  Vlad was presented with the 2013 CTO of the Year Award at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (Mass TLC) Awards Gala on September 12th. Vlad directs Nuance’s […]

Wearables like smart watches need intelligent systems to enable a meaningful human-device interaction

The hype around smart watches and other wearable tech is unavoidable these days. That hype has already turned into a big business. Technology market tracker Strategy Analytics projects that 15 million wearable tech devices will be sold worldwide in 2013 and sales will increase to 75 million devices by 2017. The category is broad, including […]

As an acknowledgement of the role its Dragon NaturallySpeaking software plays in helping people with disabilities overcome hurdles in their daily lives, Nuance will receive the prestigious Team Hoyt Award from Easter Seals – a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that children and adults with disabilities have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play […]