Rachel Ashby’s stories

Voice everywhere We are living in a world where you can talk to virtually everything – from our cars to smart speakers to our TVs. With more and more consumers becoming increasingly comfortable with voice technology, they are talking more and clicking less. And, it won’t be long before even the slickest apps and websites will […]

Today is “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” and for businesses of all sizes, understanding the constantly evolving needs and wants of customers is essential for both initial and long-term success – especially in today’s competitive market. The valuable knowledge obtained from listening to your customers is what ultimately helps you improve the customer experience […]

Use analytics to gain entry into the customer experience

Today’s customers are interacting with businesses in every way possible – over the phone, via email, through the web, chat, virtual assistants and bots. Each customer journey is an opportunity to learn more about your customers and improve their interactions and outcomes. But as channels of customer interaction have exploded, tracking and understanding customer trends, […]

Analytics helps businesses uncover customer insights

If the customer is king, ask yourself, how well do you really know your customers? Your customers are talking, but are you listening across every customer, every channel, every geography? Are you clued in to their preferences, behaviors, and challenges and taking opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and delight your customers, which […]