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Interoperability calls for sharing data in the Internet of Things

The IoT is connecting more devices and systems within the home. In fact, 5.5 million new things will be connected everyday this year according to a recent report from Gartner. And while last year’s CES brought forth many firsts in conversational connected appliances, this year’s event will demonstrate the importance of connecting those connected appliances […]

A proactive automotive assistant helps tell drivers what’s wrong with their cars and how to maintenance to fix issues

The exclamation point that lights up on your dashboard – it’s trying to tell you something important, but you have no idea what it is. Is it a flat tire, low oil? A maintenance reminder? What is it?! A colleague of mine recently had a similar experience on a “balmy” 7-degree day in Massachusetts when […]

light bulb illustrates how IoT innovation finally met function at CES 2016

CES has always been a mecca for tech enthusiasts and innovators – an opportunity for everyone to see what’s possible, far and away beyond our imagination. But something about CES 2016 was different. The sheer breadth of connected Things was in a word, incredible. Virtual reality, connected cars, smart refrigerators, smart water bottles and mattresses […]

i.amPULS creator poses with Nuance at CES 2015

CES 2015 brought with it an avalanche of new wearable devices and intelligent consumer electronics and appliances – declaring the Internet of Things, well, a thing.  In fact, it’s more than a thing or a trend.  It’s the way all of us with engage with the world around us forever more. Nuance certainly had people […]

NVIDIA has announced very exciting and fascinating news from ISC 2013 – NVIDIA collaborated with a research team at Stanford University to create the world’s largest artificial neural network built to model how the human brain learns. In fact, the network is 6.5 times bigger than the previous record-setting network developed by Google in 2012. […]

Nuance respects the AAA and its recent study, and is working to better understand the methodology and technologies surveyed as part of the conclusions drawn in its report. We agree that driving distractions need to be minimized in an increasingly connected society and we continue to invest substantial resources toward this goal. It is critical […]

We’ve got some fantastic news to share!  Today we are thrilled to announce that 10,000 developers from across the world have joined the NDEV Mobile program since the launch in 2011.  Our popular mobile developer program gives developers more options, flexibility and control on how our Dragon speech technology can be integrated into some of […]

The Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange has recognized Dragon Go! for its innovation for their annual Innovation Awards.  Dragon Go! isn’t only being honored in one category, but two!  As a finalist in the “Best Mobile App” and “Best User Experience” categories, we are thrilled to join in the festivities of the award ceremony taking […]

Imagine if you could just say “Hi TV” and it would listen?  Well you can stop dreaming!   Nuance announced today that Samsung’s 2012 premium Smart TV line features voice capabilities powered by Dragon voice technology.   With the innovative voice control capabilities, Nuance and Samsung provide consumers with the simple and convenient “lean-back” experience, allowing consumers […]

Hello Dragon Fans, Managing your stocks and financial portfolio just got even easier, as E*TRADE Financial announced today that the E*TRADE Mobile for iPhone app now features voice recognition powered by Nuance.  E*TRADE is the latest company to take advantage of the NDEV Mobile Developer program to bring the power of Dragon to their mobile […]