Regina Hall’s stories

My phone rang and it was that dreaded call that makes you wish you never picked up.  My aunt was hospitalized and went into cardiac arrest twice the night before. Doctors weren’t sure if she would pull through and they were calling in the family to say their last goodbyes. I dropped everything, canceled my […]


Coder productivity is overwhelmingly the top goal and measure of success for hospitals’ implementing computer-assisted-coding (CAC), according to the recent KLAS report: Hospital-Based CAC 2014. While productivity is an important benefit, it is not the only one. If you work in healthcare, you know it’s not enough to be more productive, you also need to […]

You’re doing everything you can to be ICD-10 ready, but what about your vendor?  While most hospitals expect to meet ICD-10 requirements by October 2014, a recent study by the American Hospital Association (AHA) reveals that hospitals see timely vendor upgrades as one of the largest external threats to implementation.  With more than 5,000 hospitals […]