Dr. Reid Coleman’s stories
Trying to capture the patient's story, doctors create enough clinical documentation each year to fill the pages of 40 of the 400-page books I’m reading

One of my many jobs is to serve as the family historian-keeper of the family tree.  When I discovered that my great-great-grandfather was killed in the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse during the Civil War, I started to research it. I am currently reading a 400-page book about this battle. Then I found out today from […]

Meaningful Use can drive better patient care

The proposed rules for Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 3 were just released by both CMS and the ONC.  Many writers have commented on these rules, and this blog post is not a commentary about the rules.  As always, I recommend readers go to John Halamka’s blog. Instead, I want to comment about the whole process. […]

The art of medicine and the importance of atient privacy in healthcare

“Which one of us do you think hears more lies?” I asked the question, not really in jest, of the patient in my exam room. He was a Catholic priest. I told him I was often frustrated when patients lied to me when their health was at stake, and wondered if they told as many […]

Reflecting on National Health Information Technology Week, I am reminded of how far healthcare has come and how many advances have occurred over the years.  When I went to medical school, I brought with me a portable, 8-inch record player, a box of records, a typewriter and white out. This was state-of-the-art technology and it was great.  […]

When I told my assistant that I was leaving practice to move into a hospital position, her immediate response was “Oh, no. I just got you trained and now you’re leaving!”  We both laughed, but she had a good point— we had “trained” each other to work as a team. Gina, like Steven before her, […]