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Building trust in autonomous cars

Nils, the automotive industry is clearly pursuing a path towards autonomous driving. What is the role of voice-enabled smart assistants in that world? Well, it is all about trust. Many people are hesitant to think about or even buy an autonomous car today. A talking car instills a feeling in people that the car is […]

Data security has become an important topic for customers - even long before GDPR

Eric, we hear a lot about data and data breaches. The topic seems to dominate the headlines nowadays. Why is this so important for customers? It is important for three reasons: First, it is important to the users who want to make sure their private data is well protected. Second, it is important for the […]

Arnd Weil explains the current and future role of voice-enabled automotive assistants

Arnd, at the moment, when we think of voice assistants we think of Siri, Alexa, google assistant etc. How do you see the role of voice assistants in the car specifically? In the car – probably more than in any other IoT devices – voice is the most natural mode of interaction. It is natural […]