Rodney Hawkins’s stories

Much has happened in the evolution of medical imaging technology. On November 8, 119 years ago, a German professor discovered the X-ray. The first 50 years of radiology exams involved a patient holding a cassette for up to 11 minutes while a radiologist aimed the X-rays at the body. Now, this process takes milliseconds and […]

Over the past 56 years, the estimated number of annual radiologic and nuclear medicine procedures has increased about 15-fold, bringing with it higher doses and exposure to radiation.  The FDA is currently concentrating efforts on protecting young patients from the effects of such exposure.  Children are more sensitive to radiation exposure and, because they are […]

The facts are undeniable  The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimates 20 percent of radiological images are redundant, costing the U.S about $10 B annually. Duplicate images expose patients to additional and unnecessary radiation. Imaging is ranked the second highest cost-driver in healthcare, behind pharmaceuticals  Something has to change Healthcare has taken a […]

There were a lot of trends coming out of RSNA13 – from the pressing need to balance value with volume (a theme further reinforced by Healthcare Informatics), to emerging mobile workflows, and the ongoing debate over whether radiologists truly need to pursue Meaningful Use.  Still, this year’s focus for the show – the “Power of […]