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The Black Friday/Cyber Monday results are in and they are impressive. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) total revenues exceeded the expected $8B in the US, representing growth of approximately 11%. Perhaps some of the most impressive data points I read following this massive retail event is that, according to Adobe Analytics, 33.5% of all transactions took […]

Dragon TV and voice technology in digital engagement for media industry

Nuance has participated in many IBC offerings; whitepapers, articles, webinars and most notably the IBC Amsterdam event. This is a bustling show where the latest technology advancements in the intelligent engagement space are showcased. While most conferences or trade shows last two to three days, IBC lasts five days and spans over a weekend to […]

Today’s telcos are facing unprecedented fraudulent attacks. Fraudsters are outpacing solutions and evolving their schemes daily. In this digital climate, carriers want to offer the most robust options for engagement, payment and potential sales, supporting a true omni-channel experience. Whether subscribers engage on mobile, phone, web or (more than likely) a series of each during […]

It might be surprising to know that during my time penning this blog, I received a call from “Kate about my small business loan.” It was a recording and when I called the number back, after answering a few details about myself I was routed to a call center asking me for more personal information. […]

Although James Holzhauer fell short of dethroning Ken Jennings, who many consider the Jeopardy GOAT (greatest of all time), winning slightly over $2.5 million in a 74-episode span, he managed to turn the game on its heels winning just $60K shy of the all-time record in only 32 appearances. Many may draw the conclusion that […]

As fans anxiously await and secretly lament the end of “Game of Thrones”, for those of us who are relatively new to this phenomenon, the numbers are extremely impressive. According to Statista, “Game of Thrones” is the second winningest program in history with 38 Emmys, second only to Saturday Night Live with 54. Not too […]

When speaking to a Communications Service Providers (CSPs) or a Multi-System Operator (MSO), when they discuss the topic of voice, they are typically referring to an actual voice call. Voice messaging like voicemail may also fall into this category but for the most part it is connecting two or more parties on a voice call. […]

Communications Service Providers are facing unprecedented pressure from fraudsters, every channel is constantly being tested for vulnerabilities and in many cases, exploited. What is a carrier to do when as much 10% of their revenues are on the line? Telecommunications Risk Management Association, or TRMA, is a collection of mobile carriers, multiple system operators and […]

In many organizations the contact center is the heartbeat of the company. This is where almost every customer will eventually travel, whether it be to ask a question, purchase a new good or service or to complain when things are not working properly. An entire company’s brand can rest on the experience that happens here; […]

According to Nielsen, the average television viewer watches upwards of five hours of television per day, reaching eight hours in some areas. Although, in an omni-channel world, some might consider television simply another channel or avenue for accessing content, it is so much more. Television is a companion, a friend, a babysitter for a mom […]