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Чи знали Ви, що найбільша кількість слів в Українській мові починається з букви «н»? Чи що найбільш уживана буква в Українському алфавіті – «о»? Ні? Добре, чи знали Ви, що продукти Dragon Dictation та Dragon Search зараз доступні для iOS користувачів в Украіні? Так, звичайно, Ви знали! За допомогою продукту Dragon Dictation Ви можете повідомляти […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! We are thrilled to announce that Israel has joined the Dragon Apps Family!   Both Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search allow you to stay connected with your family and friends, simply by using your voice. And if you haven’t experienced the amazing power of Dragon yet, you can download both Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search for […]

Hi Dragon Fans! This has been a big week for the Dragon Mobile Apps Family! We are excited to welcome yet another country to the Dragon Apps Family—Croatia! With Dragon Dictation you can simply speak your SMS, email, social media updates and more—all just by using your voice.  Dragon understands and transcribes exactly what you say within […]

Welcome Dragon Fans in Thailand!! Today we added our 39th language to the Dragon apps family!  And incredibly, after only a few hours Dragon Dictation was already the #2 app in the Thai iTunes store! So what are the Dragon Apps all about? Looking for the latest hot new restaurant that just opened up in […]

I’m to give a BIG welcome to our newest Dragon fans in Ukraine! Today we launched our dynamic Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iOS in the Ukraine iTunes store! And they’re already making waves…in fact, Dragon Dictation has already reached the #2 spot on the Ukraine App Store!!!! With the amazing power of […]

Calling all developers!  Been looking to expand global reach of your app? NDEV Mobile heard your call and today introduced support for 11 new Dragon Mobile SDK languages including Arabic, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Malay, Slovak, Indonesian and Vietnamese. And that’s not all!  Today we also added text-to-speech (TTS) support for Czech, Finnish, […]

Hey Dragon Fans! If you find yourself yearning for a simple and easy way to keep track of appointments when on-the-go, then we’ve got an app to share with you! Leveraging the power of Dragon speech recognition acquired via our NDEV Mobile developer program, VoiceCal  for iPhone and iPod touch enables you to quickly and […]

Hello Dragon fans, Please give a big welcome to Grainger’s new mobile app – the perfect tool for busy facility maintenance professionals and the newest app to integrate Dragon-powered voice search via NDEV Mobile.   Grainger’s app allows users to search for products, check product availability and quickly order products while on the go.  With the […]

Good news Dragon Fans, THREE of Nuance’s top innovators are in the running for speaking opportunities at SXSW Interactive 2013.  Gary Clayton, Aaron Sheedy and Dave Grannan have the chance to present at next year’s SXSW Interactive and they need your votes to make it happen! South by Southwest® is a unique event combining, music, […]

Whether you watch TV a lot or a little – we all have been challenged with the same slow ‘one letter at a time type to find’ experience with the remote control. It’s traditionally been a slow, cumbersome process to select one letter at a time to spell each TV search query to find what […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! Some of you may remember last year when we announced that the all-new T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide would feature the dynamic Genius Button powered by Nuance. And we have more great news to pass along today! Nuance is also powering T-Mobile’s Genius Search on the T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q. T-Mobile’s Genius […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! Once again the summer Olympics are upon us, and this year’s London 2012 games are sure to inspire some amazing moments in sports history. The opening ceremonies have already caused great thrills around the world with James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuting down onto the stadium together to announce the opening of […]

Nuance is proud to announce that the latest version of Swype incorporates support for Hinglish (a mixture of Hindi and English). Hinglish has always been an immensely popular medium of communication for young India, and our Indian Swypers can now quickly Swype Hinglish words like chai, paani, desi, garam, masti, jungli, etc. –  isn’t it […]

Hello Dragon Fans! I have some great news to share with you! Today we launched Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search in the Vietnamese iTunes store!!! And after only a few short hours, they’ve hit the coveted #1 and #2 spots!!! And if you haven’t experienced the amazing power of Dragon yet, you can download both Dragon […]

Hi Dragon Fans! I am happy to report that Malaysia has just joined our Dragon App Family this week!  Both Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search have launched on the App Store in Malaysia! You can easily download both Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search  for completely FREE at the Malaysia App Store. As always, we want […]

Hey Swypers and Dragon Fans, This morning’s big announcement has us all excited, particularly this character we caught hanging around outside our Boston office. And fortunately for us, he took the time to come on inside for a little meet and greet with his fans. He even made time for quick workout after lunch. So […]

Hi Dragon Fans! We are excited to announce yet another exciting milestone! The Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps now circle the globe!! All the way from the US to France to Denmark to Saudi Arabia and Indonesia! No matter where you are, chances are, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search are there and ready at […]

Hello Dragon Fans! Questions have been rolling in about whether you need to press the “Record” button before you start dictating and the “Done” button when you have stopped when using Dragon Dictation. So here’s the answer: We’ve found that users get the best experience when they explicitly start and stop the recording. Often times […]

Hi Dragon Fans, we’re back again with more great news to share. Please join us in welcoming our new fans inGreeceto the Dragon Apps Family! It should come as no surprise to you that the Dragon Dictation app is already #1 in theGreeceiTunes store and Dragon Search is holding strong at #2!!! As always, both […]

Dragon Fans we have some great news to share with you this week! Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search are now available in Turkish!  Thanks to your support, in just two days time Dragon Dictation has soared to the #1 app in the Turkish app store and Dragon Search is not far behind! With Dragon Dictation […]

Greetings Swypers! In today’s edition of Swype Shortcuts, we’ll share a quick tip to help you get the most of your Swype experience by ensuring that you get the word you want the first time. In some instances, multiple words can be drawn by following the same path along the keyboard. Think “pot”, “pit,” and […]

Hello Dragon Fans! A lot of questions have come in asking if you can dictate commands or punctuation marks with Dragon Dictation. Ends up it couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is include them in your dictation and Dragon Dictation will automatically translate these into punctuation marks on your email or text.  So […]

Welcome Dragon Fans in the Czech Republic and Romania! You asked us for the power of Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search, and we owe you a huge THANK YOU! With your support, both Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search took the #1 and #2 spots on the App Store in no time at all!   So […]

Hi Dragon Fans! Many of you have been wondering how to change the default search engine on Dragon Go! So…I’m here to let you know how! With Dragon Go!, Google is set as the default search provider, but if you would like to change that it is simple to do so! You can set your […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! In today’s installment of our Thursday Tip series, we’ll show you just how simple it is to edit text in Dragon Dictation. Dragon Dictation has a powerful text editing feature which makes deleting and editing text fast any easy. Simply press the word on your touch screen that you want to edit […]

Nuance’s world-renowned Dragon Apps for iOS continued their global expansion today, and we’re excited to announce that both Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search have launched on the App Store inEgypt! Yes, the rumors are true—both dynamic apps are now available for download on the Egypt Apple App Store, and you can get both absolutely FREE! […]

Calling all of our new Dragon Fans in the UAE—welcome to the Dragon Mobile Apps Family! Our world renowned Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iOS are now live on the UAE Apple App Store and available for download absolutely free! The Hall of Fame Dragon Dictation app allows you to just speak your […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! Our Thursday Tips series is back, and today’s topic is sure to grab the attention of polyglots in the audience. Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search are now available in 27 languages worldwide (and counting), and many of you have asked us if it is possible to switch between supported languages at your […]

From all of us on the Nuance Mobile team, we want to send a huge thank you to our new Dragon Fans in Saudi Arabia! We debuted our powerful Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search Apps in Saudi Arabia last week, and the response has been absolutely amazing. With your help, Dragon Dictation reached the #1 spot […]

Hello Dragon Fans! The Dragon Mobile Apps Family would like to welcome Saudi Arabia into the mix! Today, our wildly popular Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iOS debuted on the Saudi Arabian Apple App Store—and they are available for download absolutely free! The globally popular Dragon Dictation app allows you to just speak […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! The wheels have just touched down in Texas, and the Nuance Mobile team is set to take the stage at SXSW in Austin! We are excited to be joining the festivities, listening to some great music and meeting lots of new people. And although we won’t literally be taking the stage to […]

Hi Dragon fans! It’s time for more exciting news in the realm of Dragon’s Voicemail to Text. Nuance and Alltel Wireless are teaming up to offer a Voice2Text service so Alltel subscribers have the option of reading their voicemails, rather than just listening to them (so ancient history!). Here’s how it works: Nuance’s Dragon technology […]

Great news Dragon fans!  We arrived in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this week armed with a few exciting announcements around how we’re transforming the way people stay connected in today’s digital world – including the news that our Dragon Voicemail to Text service powers the voice to text capabilities featured in the Visual Voicemail […]

The mobile Web has so much to offer, and finding exactly what you want quickly can sometimes be quite the challenge. For iPhone and Android users in the U.S., finding what you want is now a snap with Dragon Go! –  simply say what you’re looking for and Dragon Go! delivers you to your exact […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! Winter weather have you dreaming of warm, relaxing climates? Well, we have good news for you – just tell Dragon Go! where you want to go and go directly to Expedia featuring trip planning options on the dates you are looking to get away. Sound too good to be true? Give it […]

Hi Dragon fans! We launched our powerful Dragon Apps in Indonesian January 31st, and you welcomed them  with open arms. Thanks to all of you, Dragon Dictation soared all the way to #1 in the overall free apps ranking, and not to be outdone, Dragon Search hit #1 in the free utility apps category. So from all […]

Today’s on-the-go lifestyles can be demanding, but keeping up with voicemail doesn’t have to be. U.S. Cellular’s new Voicemail to Text service uses our industry-leading Dragon speech recognition technology to convert subscribers’ messages instantly to text, and delivers them via email and SMS.   Reading – not listening to – voicemails is simple, quick and very […]

We want to give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Dragon Mobile Apps family—and the first new addition in the year of the Dragon- Indonesia! Our popular Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iOS are now supporting Indonesian and available for download in the Indonesia App Store today! So what can […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! This week, we’re here at Macworld in beautiful San Francisco, and as you can see from the picture below…the hard work is done! Yes, the booth is officially decked out with Dragon décor and we’re ready to hit the ground running! The Dragon team is on-hand to show you the latest and […]

What better way to start the year than with a tradeshow! Nuance is getting off on the right foot with some exciting demos, news, and activites at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas! From your phone, to your car, to your livingroom, Nuance wants to power your lifestyle in 2012! We’ll be rocking […]

Calling all iOS enthusiasts in Finland—Dragon wants you! And as the past few days have proven…you want Dragon! Our renowned Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch continued their global expansion last week in Finland, grabbing the #1 and #2 spots on the free app rankings just hours after debuting […]

Happy Thanksgiving Dragon Fans! By now, most of you have surely finished feasting, and the bravest among you are prepping for a very unique brand of madness that we’ve come to appreciate as tradition…Black Friday, of course! But this year, you iPhone users have a secret weapon at your fingertips—the tool you need to gain […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! This past Saturday we had an amazing opportunity to join in on the fun at TEDx in Cambridge, MA and rub shoulders with some truly inspiring and interesting people. With a roster of dynamic “thinkers and doers” on stage and an enthusiastic crowd eager to learn and interact, the event centered around […]

Despite what the title may suggest, rest assured you have not stumbled upon a review of the 1973 blockbuster movie starring Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Not even close! Rather, this is a big WELCOME to our newest Dragon Mobile Apps Fans in the great nation of Hungary! In case you haven’t heard the good […]

Olá Brasil! You’ve got a flair for fashion, and Dragon is ready for the runway! And thanks to our world-renowned Dragon Apps, the experts all agree…speech is definitely in style! So get ready, because our Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch now support Brazilian Portuguese and both are available […]

Calling all speech-enthusiasts in Denmark—welcome to the Dragon Mobile Apps Family! Yes…the rumors you’ve heard are true! Our globally popular Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iOS are now supporting Danish and available for download on the Denmark Apple App Store! And…did we mention they’re both 100% free to download!?  So let’s get right […]

Happy Friday Dragon Fans! Let’s start this off with a quick trip back in time—all the way back to December of 2009, to be precise! So you may be asking…what’s so special about December, 2009? Well, that’s when we first introduced two game-changing apps for iOS—Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search! And since then, we’ve been […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! The global expansion of our Dragon Apps is moving full steam ahead—and today our journey is taking us to Russia! Our world-renowned Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are now supporting Russian and both are live and available for download on the Russian iTunes Store! And as […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! We’re coming to you today from the city by the bay—the Dreamforce Conference in sunny San Francisco, to be precise! And we’re not here just for the sightseeing—we’ve got really exciting news to share! Today we’re announcing an all-new Dragon for Salesforce app integrating the awesome cloud-based voice recognition prowess of […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! We’ve got some more great news today for our Fans in Scandinavia! As promised, we’re continuing our rapid global expansion of Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search—and today, our fans in Norway and Sweden have reason to cheer! As of today, Dragon Dictation & Search for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are supporting […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! It’s no secret that speech technology has transformed the mobile experience in so many ways! From embedded solutions to innovative mobile apps, Nuance speech recognition technologies have forever changed the way that you find the information you want and stay connected with the world around you right on your mobile device! And […]

Greetings speech-enthusiasts in Belgium! Now it’s your turn to experience the awesome power of the Dragon! Our world renowned Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are now live and available for download on the Belgium iTunes Store supporting Dutch, French, and German—and as always, they’re 100%, absolutely FREE—so get […]

Greetings Dragon Fans! We told you we were committed to bringing the power of voice to mobile users worldwide—and for speech-enthusiasts in the Netherlands…you’re going to love this! Our world-renowned Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are now live and available for download on the Netherlands Apple App store! […]

Dragon Fans—we’ve got more great news for you today! We told you that we were committed to rolling out our Dragon Mobile Apps across the globe—and now you can add Hong Kong and Taiwan to the list! We’re thrilled to announce that Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch are now […]

Greetings iOS enthusiasts South of the Border—we’ve got HUGE news for you today! Our renowned Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are now LIVE and available for download in the Mexico iTunes App Store!!! And both are positively, absolutely, 100% FREE to download—so don’t delay—start communicating the easy way […]

Greetings Dragon Fans,   We have fantastic news to share today! We’re thrilled to announce that our Dragon Dictation (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Dragon Search (iPhone, iPod Touch) apps now support Korean and both are available for download (FREE!) in the Korean Apple App Store!!! So to all of our new fans in Korea—let your voice be […]

Today’s mobile market is full of apps that promise to make communicating on your iOS device quicker, easier, and more effective. And yet, there’s only one app on the market today built on a proven, accurate and globally renowned speech platform AND delivers the goods as promised- Dragon Dictation! Not only does Dragon deliver unmatched […]

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the availability of our mobile apps in various languages and dialects around the world, and we are thrilled that so many of you are eager to make these applications a part of your mobile lifestyle! Nuance is a global company with speech recognition applications deployed in numerous […]

Thought awards season ended with the Oscars? Not for us! The one and only Dragon Dictation has just been announced as a 2011 Mobility Award Winner by MobileTrax at CTIA in Orlando! Dragon Dictation took home the prize in the Voice Processing category recognized for Best Speech to Text & Text to Speech — proving […]

Dragon Mobile Apps are continuing to spread around the globe! Today we have launched our Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps in the China iTunes store. So if you speak Mandarin Chinese – Dragon Mobile Apps now have you covered! To all of our friends and fans in China, we say embrace the power of […]

For those of you that haven’t yet heard the news – the iPhone is now available through….drumroll please…..Verizon Wireless! So Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search are now available to even more folks in the U.S.! Woohoo! We are super excited to welcome all the new Dragon Fans that will soon discover how awesome it is […]

To all of our French speaking Dragon fans in Canada we have very exciting news for you today!! Due to popular demand, our Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now support Canadian French and are immediately available as a free download on the Canadian iTunes store! So whether you […]

So, we have great news for you today Dragon Fans! Our Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps are now LIVE in the Austrian and Switzerland iTunes stores! And to keep the good news going – both of these world-renowned apps available free for immediate download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! To all of […]