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No need to throw away the key (or remember where it is) with secure biometrics in digital channels

Conversations with a virtual assistant on a website or inside a mobile app are easy and convenient. The help is always available and consumers can get their questions answered within minutes instead of waiting for office hours or an available agent on the phone. Nowadays, intelligent virtual assistants that leverage artificial intelligence and are capable […]

Concerns you might think to be true about biometrics are simply not accurate

Now that the dust is settling from the Equifax breach and 140 million Americas have all frozen their credit (you have frozen it, haven’t you? If not, go here right now. We’ll wait.), it is time to ask the question, “Why haven’t we gotten rid of PINs and passwords by now???” At Nuance, we have […]

no need to howl (or scream) at the moon with satisfying customer service

Halloween is a time of frights and scares. Zombies, goblins, witches, and monsters are let loose on the public to scare and haunt them. And a good scare is tons of fun this time of year and makes us scream in delight. Good scares get our adrenaline going. But on the flipside, bad experiences that […]

Don't let your biometric efforts go to waste with a failed rollout

As the leader in voice biometric rollouts, we spend a lot of time talking about how successful our clients are and the advantages they gain using biometrics. (Check out Year of Biometrics, News about the Australian Taxation Office, and Barclays) Today we are taking a slight detour to discuss our lessons learned from the rare […]

With fraud on the rise, companies are turning to voice biometrics to securely authenticate customers.

2017 is off to a great start for the biometric industry. Amidst new concerns about fraud across industries and a growing commitment to improving the customer experience, many companies are moving away from PINs and passwords in order to embrace more secure, customer-friendly alternatives for authentication. In the past couple of months, our own Brett […]

In Forrester’s “2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic” report, Kate Leggett predicts that companies will be extending and enhancing self-service this year. We cannot agree more. The move to self-service is underway and has been for some time. Businesses that refuse to adopt self-service options are missing an opportunity to increase […]

Nuance shares lessons on how to see success with voice biometrics implementations at this year’s Intelligent Authentication Conference, hosted by Opus Research.

Recently, I attended Opus Research’s Intelligent Authentication conference to talk with other industry experts and learn more about how multi-modal biometrics and seamless identity & verification strategies can provide secure, personalized services for companies around the world. The conference was littered with real-world case studies about how intelligent authentication can build customer loyalty and create […]

Recent NIST guidelines recommend depreciation of SMS-based authentication for enterprises.

Ever since the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued their guidance on “Authentication in an Electronic Banking Environment” in 2001, using two distinct identity factors to secure on-line transactions has been a best practice. One of the most popular two-factor authentication methods is to require a customer to enter a one-time PIN that the […]

Voice biometrics are on the rise, so learn about this technology and why it matters for both businesses and consumers.

Often seen as being reserved for sci-fi or spy movies, biometrics are fast becoming a game-changing technology. Providing enhanced account and information security with a simple and easy customer experience, this innovative technology can revolutionize how customers interact with your businesses. The global biometrics market is expected to grow to $44.2 billion by 2021 – […]

Voice biometrics helps protect companies from fraudulent wire transfers.

When you think about bank robbery do you think about Bonnie and Clyde? Or some bad guy with a facemask holding a gun and forcing a teller to put all their money in a bag? If so, then you probably grew up watching the same shows I did, but more seriously, you may have a […]

Biometrics adoption is increasing, so learn the facts about voice biometrics technology – don’t get swayed by the myths.

The future is upon us. Companies are now starting to adopt technologies that can verify identity which were once thought overly futuristic (HAL had no problem identifying Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey). Fingerprints are no longer the only unique body identifier: irises and even ears are now on the list of biometric authentication tools. […]