Tony Lorentzen
Tony has more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector, spending the last 17 with Nuance where he is currently the SVP of Intelligent Engagement Solutions within the Enterprise Division. Before that he served as the leader of several teams at Nuance including Sales Engineering, Business Consulting, and Product Management. A proven leader in working with the cross-functional teams, Tony blends his in-depth knowledge of business management, technology and vertical domain expertise to bring Nuance’s solutions to the Enterprise market, partnering with customers to ensure implementations drive true ROI. Prior to Nuance, Tony spent time at Lucent and Verizon where he led teams that applied the latest technologies to solve complex business issues for large enterprises. Tony received a B.S. from Villanova University and a MBA from Dowling College.
Tony Lorentzen’s stories
Modernizing and optimizing customer experiences in banking

We have had the privilege – for several years now – of working alongside our customers in the financial services sector, innovating and implementing AI-powered solutions that can transform the way we work, connect, and interact with each other. Through these partnerships, we honor our customers by listening to what they have to say, what […]

Customer experience in 2021: how does AI factor in?

“Now more than ever” is a phrase you’ll hear often when organizations and experts discuss the importance of things like customer experience, connected service, and seamless digital interactions. But the past year has made it very clear that digital experiences are now much more important for serving customers effectively. Our recent Future Forward: CX and […]

Grocery retailers’ transformation strategies will accelerate in 2021

Grocery retailers faced a seismic shift in 2020 and consumers quickly adapted to the new ways to shop and engage with their grocery store. Forrester Research describes how the pivot to grocery digital self-service options is the key to business growth, customer retention and acquisition in 2021 and beyond. Nuance is aligned with this guidance […]

5G and AI: A partnership that’s going to revolutionize CX

When telcos talk about 5G, they usually focus on the obvious benefit to consumers: lightning-fast speeds. But for those of us in the business of customer engagement, 5G is about so much more than quick downloads and stable connections. With the ultra-low latency of its new network architecture, 5G is set to transform customer experiences […]

COVID Vaccine Arrives with a “Shot of Hope”

Hope was in the air as the first trucks loaded with COVID vaccines pulled out of production plants in Michigan and began delivering supplies to pharmacies and healthcare facilities nationwide. It was an important milestone in Operation Warp Speed’s successful public-private collaboration to bring a desperately needed vaccine to market quickly. It also marked the […]

Recreating in-store experiences online

Consumers around the world continue to move their shopping budgets online, with recent analysis of U.S. Department of Commerce data revealing that e-commerce transactions in the second quarter of 2020 accounted for about 16% of all retail transactions, up about 45% over the same period in 2019. And as McKinsey has written, “in-person interaction has […]

How to make messaging successful!

Sending a message to a friend or family member is second nature. It’s quick, and above all, it’s extremely convenient. That convenience is something every customer-centric organization would love to bring to its support and service interactions. Most brands have been quick to embrace platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger—not to mention in-app messaging and […]

Contact Centers Are Not Dead. Course-Correct Your Strategy Now.

Consumers want choice. Contact Centers are the front-door to those choices. When thought of as virtual engagement centers powered by a range of customer input options from voice and video to text, Contact Centers are vital lifelines for organizations’ digital transformation and customer engagement strategies. And, while the shift to using digital channels like SMS […]

Digital tools are accelerating transformation for grocery retailers

A surge in online grocery shopping over the past several weeks as a result of shelter-in-place orders is fast-tracking the growing trend of ordering food and drugs online, influencing retailers to deliver the digital-first grocery shopping experience of tomorrow – today. Recent surveys show 52 percent of U.S. consumers have shopped for groceries online because […]

Responding to the now by activating the future of digital customer engagement

It is no surprise interactions between consumers and the organizations they engage with have become increasingly digital in the last few years. Today, however, we are seeing the focus on enabling these virtual interactions skyrocket. The consumer preference for speed, ease of access, and convenience has turned into critical consumer demand for business as usual […]

Three simple steps to address COVID-19 demands in your contact center

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies around the globe to protect their employees while developing business continuity plans. Businesses also are working to quickly relay the latest relevant information to their customers when guidelines and situations are fluid and changing sometimes hourly. Customer contact centers are at the forefront of this effort, with organizations leaning […]

What can humans and AI learn from each other?

Cinema hasn’t given AI the best image over the years. We’ve seen it become sentient in 2001: A Space Odyssey, enslave mankind in The Matrix, and take over the world in The Terminator. It’s no surprise that people worry about AI taking over our jobs. But in reality, there are a lot of human capabilities […]