Tony Lorentzen
Tony has more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector, spending the last 17 with Nuance where he is currently the SVP of Intelligent Engagement Solutions within the Enterprise Division. Before that he served as the leader of several teams at Nuance including Sales Engineering, Business Consulting, and Product Management. A proven leader in working with the cross-functional teams, Tony blends his in-depth knowledge of business management, technology and vertical domain expertise to bring Nuance’s solutions to the Enterprise market, partnering with customers to ensure implementations drive true ROI. Prior to Nuance, Tony spent time at Lucent and Verizon where he led teams that applied the latest technologies to solve complex business issues for large enterprises. Tony received a B.S. from Villanova University and a MBA from Dowling College.
Tony Lorentzen’s stories
The ROI of digital CX, part 1: Digital self-service matters—now more than ever

To maintain a competitive edge, brands have to differentiate on customer experience. And increasingly, that means providing intelligent digital self-service experiences that are always available to offer personalized service and rapid resolution. It’s been widely noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift toward digital self-service that was already beginning to pick up pace. […]

Intelligent government: Delivering superior citizen experiences with AI

Today, the governments of every nation share at least one common challenge. Even as they continue to support the daily lives of their citizens—whether helping them to pay their taxes or claim a pension—they must also meet those citizens’ growing service expectations. As the world’s leading consumer brands fight for control of an increasingly global […]

Customer engagement predictions 2022: Four trends that will define CX next year

We’ve seen a lot of things change in customer engagement this year. Customers are using a broader range of channels—up to 10 channels even in a single inquiry—and still expect seamless, personalized experiences. Brands have had to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to keep up with customer demand and support remote agent workforces. Meanwhile, fraudsters […]

How Vodafone adopted best practices for its COVID-19 response plan

If you spent any time on the What’s Next blog last year, you might have seen us talking about Forrester’s COVID-19 response plan. It offered timely, expert advice on how brands can tool up their contact centers to manage remote agents and adapt their customer service strategies to new consumer behavior. Now we’re a year […]

Bringing intelligence — and investment protection — to the CCaaS revolution

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed the accelerating transformation of the contact center with brands using digital and voice-powered technology to bring their customer engagement visions to life. That includes the shift of contact centers to the cloud. Doing so enables enterprises to quickly increase agility, reduce costs, and focus on serving customers instead […]

chatbots-fails-fixesFive reasons why chatbots fail. (And how to make yours a runaway success.)

In recent years, chatbots and conversational AI-powered virtual assistants have become a staple of service in almost every industry and sector. But some are much more beloved—by the brands that have created them, and the customers that use them—than others. Whether you’re designing a new chatbot and you want to hit the ground running, or […]

Dragon TV enriches viewing experiences with the power of voice

In all its various forms, the PayTV industry is certainly booming; there are countless paid streaming services, premium channels, and paid content options available for viewers to choose from. And after a year in which many of us spent more time in our homes and front of our screens than we expected to, viewership has […]

Modernizing and optimizing customer experiences in banking

We have had the privilege – for several years now – of working alongside our customers in the financial services sector, innovating and implementing AI-powered solutions that can transform the way we work, connect, and interact with each other. Through these partnerships, we honor our customers by listening to what they have to say, what […]

Customer experience in 2021: how does AI factor in?

“Now more than ever” is a phrase you’ll hear often when organizations and experts discuss the importance of things like customer experience, connected service, and seamless digital interactions. But the past year has made it very clear that digital experiences are now much more important for serving customers effectively. Our recent Future Forward: CX and […]

Grocery retailers’ transformation strategies will accelerate in 2021

Grocery retailers faced a seismic shift in 2020 and consumers quickly adapted to the new ways to shop and engage with their grocery store. Forrester Research describes how the pivot to grocery digital self-service options is the key to business growth, customer retention and acquisition in 2021 and beyond. Nuance is aligned with this guidance […]

5G and AI: A partnership that’s going to revolutionize CX

When telcos talk about 5G, they usually focus on the obvious benefit to consumers: lightning-fast speeds. But for those of us in the business of customer engagement, 5G is about so much more than quick downloads and stable connections. With the ultra-low latency of its new network architecture, 5G is set to transform customer experiences […]

COVID Vaccine Arrives with a “Shot of Hope”

Hope was in the air as the first trucks loaded with COVID vaccines pulled out of production plants in Michigan and began delivering supplies to pharmacies and healthcare facilities nationwide. It was an important milestone in Operation Warp Speed’s successful public-private collaboration to bring a desperately needed vaccine to market quickly. It also marked the […]