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Biometric solutions can provide significant benefits to FIs (financial institutions), including operational efficiency gains and related budget reductions, CX improvements, and fraud loss reductions. Many FIs routinely use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions to help authenticate their returning customers, but many legitimate customers cannot answer the questions correctly, while fraudsters can usually answer them correctly due […]

Customers have come to expect a next-generation engagement experience from Esurance, the recipient of multiple consumer-satisfaction awards from JD Power and others. Consumers’ increased use of always-available digital channels has led to their raised expectation of connecting with organizations at any time and at any stage of the insurance customer journey. Esurance customers know they […]

Despite the public’s prevalent use of websites, mobile applications and social media to access information and conduct business, phone calls are still a primary link to government service. Although government entities have long used interactive voice response (IVR) to alleviate the burden on call center agents and route calls more efficiently, citizens are weary of […]

customer experience

I always look forward to reviewing the customer experience report that the Temkin Group puts out each year. The Temkin Experience Ratings use a survey of 10,000 US consumers to rank companies and industries on the basis of customer experience alone. I suppose the results may come as a surprise to some, but not to […]

A good appointment management solution – whether your organization calls this kind of technology appointment reminders or something else entirely — leverages outbound communication integrated with your EHR to make things easier for both you and your patients. For you, it lets you make the most efficient use of your resources: your clinicians’ and administrative […]

From state and local agencies to the federal government, public institutions are increasingly turning to virtual assistants as they aim to better meet citizens’ digital expectations. Whether consumers are seeking the web page or phone number for the correct court, or trying to better understand how to file for unemployment benefits, they’re looking for interactions […]