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Offering 24/7 automated self-service, virtual assistants could change the way businesses approach customer service.

Centered around providing instant, direct gratification, companies such as Uber and Airbnb are part of the “on-demand economy.” And as Ron Miller outlines in TechCrunch, these disruptors are completely changing both how companies and consumers conduct business. Uber went live in 2010, enabling users to submit a ride request through an app and be transported […]

Forrester predicts that in 2016, customer service organizations will focus on making self-service easier.

The first of 10 trends Kate Leggett discusses in the report, “Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service”, focuses on the move to make it easier for consumers to help themselves. At Nuance, we work with companies and government agencies every day to accelerate the availability of intelligent self-service solutions that provide effortless experiences – […]

Providing personalized and anticipatory experiences – especially during power outages – means increased customer satisfaction.

Helping enterprises shift from reactive service to providing and anticipating customer service is an essential part of our mission at Nuance. We believe that intelligence, coupled with an intuitive, human-like interaction with technology, will create a world in which nearly all service is automated, and consumers will prefer it. Naturally, we were delighted to see […]

If you want to delight your customers with customer service, start with communicating early and often about how you’ll use their time.

In Forrester’s annual vision report, “Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service”, Kate Leggett identified a growing movement to give consumers more control when customer service extends to the field – including interactions such as deliveries, repairs or installations. Not valuing customer time has been a top ranking customer service irritant in numerous consumer research […]


Every year, the insights contained in Forrester’s customer service trends report, written by Kate Leggett, are eagerly anticipated. This year, the top trends span the customer lifecycle as enterprises strive to meet changing customer expectations for service that is personal, efficient, and builds emotional bonds that impact top line revenue. In particular, the three trends […]

Contact center trends: From the cloud to voice biometrics

As 2014 comes to a close, it presents the opportunity to look back on how the year went and what’s been happening in our industry. As my colleague Greg Pal mentioned in a recent post, every aspect of customer service has changed in the last five years and the rate of change will only accelerate […]

As we close out the first month of 2014, we’ve seen dozens of technology predictions from analysts, media and businesses – everything from the rise of robots to the demise of the desktop. As Varolii continues its integration with Nuance Communications, there are three big technology trends that we see shaping the future of our […]