From indestructible phones to smart TVs to interactive fitness gear, 2013 seems to be the year that tech is truly streamlined and integrated into our everyday lives. MSN Living recently shared their own top tech trends for 2013 – and the year is looking quite bright. Here are some of their top trends:

On The Connected Home – “Our hope is you may soon be able to control everything from one app — and some outlets are trying to make this reality…”

On Smarter TVs – “Tremendous improvements have been made to the complicated interfaces and annoying navigation you’ll find in current sets — though there is still a long ways to go for seamless use. This year’s TV offerings are all about instant gratification: easier-to-understand home screens, built-in search, and recommendations based on your habits…”

On Talking TVs – “A few high-end HDTVs have rolled out with voice and even gesture-control in the past year, and now more manufacturers are integrating it into their new lines.”

On Cars Getting Smarter – “If you’ve bought a new car in the last few years, you’re probably already taking advantage of the latest breed of connected car tech, whether it’s built-in navigation, making phone calls via voice command, or playing music from your iPod through your car stereo…”

Sounds familiar, right? That’s because Nuance has got you covered on all bases – from Dragon TVs to cars to connected living.

What’s your favorite trend for 2013?

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