Picture this – you’re driving home on a beautiful, warm summer evening and you suddenly decide it would be a great night for a spontaneous get together. You can simply dictate: “Hi! Fancy a picnic by the river today at 6:30? I’ll bring the salad. Who can bring the wine?” Send it to your best friends and you’re ready to enjoy the evening!

Or, it’s the end of the sales quarter, you just closed a fantastic deal that you’ve been working on for months and are driving home. Dictate a quick email to share the good news with your boss and your colleagues even before you get to the office. BMW drivers can now get things done on the road, easily and conveniently, with Dragon Drive! Messaging from Nuance.

Starting in July, drivers of the new 2012 BMW 7 Series, 3 Series Touring and 3 Series ActiveHybrid will be able to dictate emails and text messages as effortlessly as speaking. BMW drivers can test Dragon Drive! Messaging for free during 60 days and then subscribe to the service through the Nuance shop.

The end result? A more productive and enjoyable drive because you’ll never lose contact with friends, family or colleagues while on the road. With Dragon Drive! Messaging, its easy to react quickly and capture your fleeting thoughts, so you won’t miss a beat of your busy lifestyle. Learn what its like to be productive behind the wheel of a BMW…without being distracted!

Get all the details at www.nuance.com/bmw.

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About Fatima Vital

Fatima oversees Nuance’s global automotive and consumer electronics marketing programs, serving as the lead on solutions like Nuance’s popular Dragon Drive platform. Fatima has been with Nuance for over a decade, originally joining the company in February of 2003. Prior to her time at Nuance, Fatima’s early career included her working as a marketing director at Philips, with a focus on speech recognition solutions. Originally from Portugal and now residing in Germany, Fatima graduated from University of Siegen in Germany with a degree focused in business, marketing and finance. In her spare time, Fatima enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an active runner, skier and hiker.