“We believe that it is essential for car makers to develop their own branded assistant”

Why should car manufacturers create their own voice-enabled assistants? At Nuance Auto Forum in Detroit, senior vice president of automotive, Arnd Weil, talked about this question and more. Read or watch the whole interview to gain insights into Nuance’s understanding on how branded assistants will become a part of the car manufacturer’s brand identity and about the role that Nuance can play in this process.
Arnd Weil explains the current and future role of voice-enabled automotive assistants

Arnd, at the moment, when we think of voice assistants we think of Siri, Alexa, google assistant etc. How do you see the role of voice assistants in the car specifically?

In the car – probably more than in any other IoT devices – voice is the most natural mode of interaction. It is natural and intuitive – just the way people interact with each other. If you think of future automotive megatrends like shared mobility, autonomous driving, or intelligent cars, this technology simply changes the way we will interact with cars.


That might be the case, but we already have assistants that we use in the car. Why would it be important for carmakers to develop their own branded assistant?

We believe that doing so is essential for car makers. The branded assistant is a part of their brand identity. They are not just selling a car; they’re selling emotions – an intelligent technology that interacts with its users. Only the car makers really know what their users need and only they are able to deeply integrate technologies and get the best and most convenient results. In addition, OEMs need to make sure that whatever they are selling today will also be the technology their users want in five or ten years from now.


So, we have established that voice assistants in the car are going to be a very important part of the driver experience in the coming years. We’ve established that car makers want their own assistants. What is Nuance’s role in enabling all of this?

We provide a platform to the car makers that they can use to build out and control their own intelligent assistant. The platform delivers an automotive grade solution that really works in the car – with its environment, the noises, and challenges around the car, etc. It is a hybrid solution that works with or without connectivity. We provide what we call cognitive arbitration – the ability to actually integrate 3rd party assistants into the mix. As a result, users can bring in their own assistants – no matter which one they are using today or will be using five years from now – into that intelligent in-car assistant.

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