As the post-CES buzz continues, the tech world has been talking (even more than usual) about voice control and its new advancements. I recently read an article on ReadWrite Mobile that spoke to our ever-changing world and how this particular technology space is evolving along with us.

In the article, author John Paul Titlow stated, “From phones, tablets and TVs to cars and, yes, kitchen appliances, voice-controlled computing is weaving its way into our lives. And while some of the use cases may feel a little absurd at first, talking is a very natural way for us to request things and influence our surroundings… ”

“I recently found myself riding across Los Angeles in a friend’s car. We had wrapped up our respective workdays and were en route to meet up with his wife for dinner. “Text Priya,” he said into his phone, adding “See you in 15 minutes.” He confirmed the message and sent it, all without removing his eyes from the road…It was so, so… normal.”

For us, that’s what it’s all about. We want to make your life easier, faster, and simpler with intuitive and smart technologies for all the devices you use day to day.  From Dragon TV to Dragon Assistant to Swype to Dragon Dictation and Dragon Mobile Assistant – we’ve got you covered.

So, the big question is – how can Dragon help you?

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