Problem: You are attending a wedding this weekend and need to remember to pick up your outfit from the dry cleaner before it closes.

Solution: Simply tell Dragon to schedule a calendar event such as, “Schedule Calendar Event – Pick up Dry Cleaning on Tuesday, July 30th, 7 pm.” Now, when you’re on your way home, Dragon will notify you with a voice alert.

Update Your Calendar – Receive Voice Notifications

Need to remember an appointment but have no place to write it down? Dragon Mobile Assistant helps you keep track of all the details, hands-free! Create calendar events quickly and easily through simple, conversational phrases. Dragon keeps you on schedule so you never miss a beat!

Differentiate Yourself with Shared Intelligence

Dragon’s voice recognition offers a helpful and easy mobile personal assistant experience to handle everyday tasks!

With Dragon, you can use voice commands to simplify your life! Download the latest Dragon Mobile Assistant and experience the intelligent mobile assistant.

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