With the newest updates and its Living, Learning Keyboard, Swype’s gotten even more personal. We’d say that we know you pretty well. But do you know Swype?

That’s the question we wanted answered last week on the Swype Facebook page – where we posted a week’s worth of trivia questions and awarded the winners some awesome Swype swag. And we found ourselves some true Swype aficionados! Congrats to our five winners: Gireesh, Attila, Chris, Kit Yam Tse and Steven!

So, what did we learn?

  • You can easily switch your language on Swype by holding down the space bar (gesture – swipe from the Swype button to the space bar).
  • There are 15 emoticons to choose from on the secondary pop-up menu.
  • Silver is the only keyboard theme that does not feature a ‘glow’ on key press.
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean are the 3 languages that have a keypad mode layout for text input.
  • Swype supports 3 different keyboard layouts for tablets – the original keyboard, a small and moveable keyboard, and a split keyboard.

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Marya McLaughlin

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