Olá Brasil! You’ve got a flair for fashion, and Dragon is ready for the runway! And thanks to our world-renowned Dragon Apps, the experts all agree…speech is definitely in style! So get ready, because our Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch now support Brazilian Portuguese and both are available for download (FREE!) on the Brazilian Apple App Store!
Whether you’re soaking up some sun on the beaches of Rio or making your plans for Carnival, Dragon is here to make your life easier! With Dragon Dictation, you’ve got convenience and control right at your fingertips. Simply speak your emails, SMS messages, Facebook posts, Twitter updates and so much more and watch as Dragon transcribes exactly what you say…instantly!
And with Dragon Search, the mobile Web is literally at your command! Just speak your search queries and Dragon Search delivers you the results you want from the top Websites and content providers across the Web! Seriously…you speak, Dragon listens and delivers! Some things really are that easy!
As with all of our Dragon Apps, you’re free to switch between all supported languages as you wish. And with 23 and counting…chances are we’ve got you covered! And to see Dragon Apps in action, check out our YouTube channel here.
So the only question is…what can YOU do with Dragon Apps!? To find out, visit the Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search pages Brazilian Apple App Store and download them both free!
And once you’ve had a chance to take them for a spin, drop us a note here or on our Facebook page and tell us about it! We want to hear from you—so don’t be shy!

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