Greetings speech-enthusiasts in Belgium! Now it’s your turn to experience the awesome power of the Dragon! Our world renowned Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are now live and available for download on the Belgium iTunes Store supporting Dutch, French, and German—and as always, they’re 100%, absolutely FREE—so get them today!

So what can you do with Dragon Mobile Apps? Well…for starters, Dragon Dictation makes it super-easy to speak text for emails, SMS messages, social media updates and so much more! And did you know that speaking text is up to five times faster than typing!? And with Dragon Search, running mobile Web searches is fast and simple—just speak your search queries and Dragon delivers instant access to all of the information and answers you want right from your mobile device! No typing required!

As always, you are of course free to switch between all of our supported languages—and you’ve got a lot of choices, including U.S., UK and Australian English, European and Americas Spanish, European and Americas French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwan mandarin, Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese.

To download in Belgium, simply visit the Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search iTunes pages. Want to see our Dragon Mobile Apps in action? Check them out on the Nuance Mobile Channel on YouTube here.

And once you’ve had a chance to take Dragon Apps for a spin, we want to hear from you! So drop us a note and let us know how YOU use Dragon! 

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