Dragon Drive and Slacker Radio present a DJ in your dashboard

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Mike Kasparian, Director of Business Development at Slacker Radio, about a great new partnership here at Nuance. With this, Dragon Drive has expanded on its innovative platform, bringing Slacker Radio to the Toyota Entune and Lexus Enform systems. Here’s a recap of our conversation.
Having Slacker Radio in your Toyota Entune or Lexus Enform Dragon Drive-equipped car is like having a DJ in your dashboard

It seems almost everything is made for the ‘on the go’ lifestyle – our food, our books, our computers and music. I’m definitely aging myself when I admit to rewinding a cassette tape so many times I wore it to the complete slow motion sound, much to my parents dismay – all to hear that one single favorite song!

Fast forward to today.

I love being able to make my commute seem that much shorter by instantly finding that special song for the day. Gone are my days of waiting, hoping that the radio station might play ‘the’ song. Like many of our children today, my son instantly spurts out what he wants to listen to when we get in the car, without giving it a second thought. It’s like having a DJ in your dashboard, and it’s all possible with a variety of music services like Slacker Radio that are integrated directly into our infotainment systems that give us more options than ever.

I had the opportunity to connect with Mike Kasparian, Director of Business Development at Slacker, about a great new partnership here at Nuance that brings Slacker to the Toyota Entune and Lexus Enform systems. Here’s a recap of our conversation.

Camie Schwan, Nuance:  Recently, we announced Nuance and Toyota’s extended affiliation that will maintain Nuance Dragon Drive as the technology behind Toyota’s successful Entune App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite connected car systems into the next decade. And today, we are thrilled to announce that Slacker has been added as an additional content provider as part of that extended service. Slacker provides both free and subscription-based access to millions of songs and hundreds of DJ-programmed station on mobile devices and via the web to enhance the Toyota customer’s infotainment experience.

Mike Kasparian, Slacker: Cars continues to be one of the leading destinations for music listening and discovery – and through connected infotainment systems Slacker Radio is able to move from mobile devices into the car. We see an ever increasing number of listeners that are in their car and they expect safe and familiar access to streaming internet radio. With Slacker, Toyota Entune App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite listeners can stream virtually any genre of music from hundreds of hand-crafted stations – creating an incredibly flexible connected car experience for Toyota.

Camie: The future of the connected car is an exciting topic and conversations are taking place almost everywhere you turn. What are you most excited about when you think of the future of the connected car and Slacker’s role in helping shape innovation?

Mike: Radio has been the primary entertainment solution for drivers for decades and at Slacker we are evolving the radio listening experience for the decades to come. With informative hosts and expert curation, Slacker takes everything people love about radio and combines it with interactive listener collaboration and exclusive content and programming.  We’re excited to be driving the reinvention of radio and the car will benefit greatly from these improvements in the listening experience.


Toyota Entune and Lexus Enform App Suite customers can simply access applications and services such as Bing, Facebook, Movietickets.com, OpenTable, Yelp, Fuel Prices, Sports, Stocks, music and Weather in their cars. Drivers can conveniently search online for destinations and points of interest, view traffic conditions, check for weather, sports, and financial market updates, listen to music, make reservations at local restaurants, update social media profiles, and much more.  

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