Why you will no longer be tempted to reach for your phone in the car

With new in-car technology, my voice is literally my password to personalization. When I step inside my car I am greeted with custom content that I care about most – news headlines, upcoming meetings and appointments, and more – so I can focus on driving and not be tempted to reach for my phone.
Her car gives her personalized directions, upcoming meetings, news headlines and more - at the sound of her voice.

Personalizing the connected car experience is well, personal, and that means it’s impossible to have a one-size-fits-all approach.  Further, bringing personalized and enhanced connectivity to the consumer without losing brand image can be challenging for the OEM – consumers need to have an incredibly intuitive experience that is also customized to meet their needs.

According to Jeffrey Hannah, Director at automotive research company SBD:

“The next frontier for connected cars will be contextualizing and personalizing content. In order to enable this, car makers are rushing to find innovative new ways of detecting who is actually driving their cars and proactively delivering the information they need, when they need it.”

From my perspective as a consumer, personalization is having my car know what I want, when I want it. I’d enter my car, speak a few words, and voila! my seats, mirrors, music, temperature adjust to my preference (you get where I’m going, literally).  Then, my car automatically provides me with information I care about such as commute time, meetings, activities, sports, stocks and more to help with my busy day.

This is where voice biometrics can help. A first of its kind in the industry, voice biometrics as part of the in-car experience provides drivers with an easy way to get personal with the intelligent system in the dashboard.  My voice is literally my password to personalization.  This then needs to build into a fully loaded, customized content systems that imports daily information – good thing the innovation teams here at Nuance just unveiled the Daily Update feature as part of Dragon Drive. All too often, consumers are reaching for their phones for these updates – taking their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road.  This in-car virtual assistant service is optimized for infotainment systems and provides drivers with their own unique ‘update’ upon entering the vehicle to help decrease the likelihood to reach for the mobile phone while driving and lessen driver distraction.

Top this off with the cool features and functionality of Dragon Drive Mobile such as updating and scheduling meetings via voice, text to speech options and voice biometrics—that hectic and busy day can seem not so overwhelming and quell the urge to incessantly reach for your smartphone in the car.  I love the new Dragon Drive Daily Update and the possibilities it brings to the OEM and end customer.

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