The mobile Web has so much to offer, and finding exactly what you want quickly can sometimes be quite the challenge. For iPhone and Android users in the U.S., finding what you want is now a snap with Dragon Go! –  simply say what you’re looking for and Dragon Go! delivers you to your exact destination on the mobile Web – blue search links be gone!

For example, want to instantly access and watch your favorite TV shows on your phone? Well, Dragon Go! knows Hulu Plus is the best online destination featuring your favorite current and back season TV on your mobile device!  So now if you are a Hulu plus subscriber for $7.99/month, you can just say what you want to watch and the Dragon Go! carousel delivers you directly to Hulu Plus for instant access to your favorite TV shows, video clips, trailers and more! For a full list of Hulu Plus enabled mobile devices, visit

Want to give it a try?  Let’s say you are waiting in the doctor’s office – again! – and wishing that there was a better way to pass the time. Or maybe it’s the long layover at the airport or an afternoon spent on what was supposed to be just a ’30 minute oil change’. A little bit of comedy viewing sure would make the wait time much more enjoyable!   Just press the Dragon Go! record button and say, “Watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Hulu Plus” or “Watch Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel on Hulu Plus”.  Yes – it is that simple!

And if you want to share a funny video clip with your friends and family, with the Dragon Go! sharing pop-up you have fast and easy sharing options across email, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Skype and more.  If only everything were this easy!

So what are you waiting for – stop waiting and start enjoying with Hulu Plus now on Dragon Go!

Just Say It, Get It, and Go!  Download Dragon Go FREE for iPhone and iPod Touch on the U.S. iTunes store today.



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