Problem: You love using Dragon Mobile Assistant’s rich features to access content and more on the go, like Driver Mode, but aren’t sure if you’re taking advantage of all the available features.

Solution: Improve your assistant experience with everything Driver Mode has to offer. When in this mode, Dragon Mobile Assistant can be activated with simple voice commands and prompts, allowing drivers to keep both hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road.

Driver Mode Features

Check out our list of intelligent Driver Mode features you can customize for your needs:

1. Activate Driver Mode. Access Driver Mode seamlessly in Dragon’s left side bar. Simply press Driver Mode to quickly and easily turn it on.

2. Auto-enable. In ‘General’ settings, activate Dragon’s ‘Enhanced location services’ to auto-enable Driver Mode. When Dragon senses that you’re moving, it will auto-switch immediately to hands-free and eyes-free access.

3. Set wake-up. Enable Dragon’s ‘Background wake-up’ to launch Dragon with a simple phrase, such as “Hi Dragon.”

4. Text alerts. Activate Dragon’s ‘Text message alerts’ to display a speech-enabled pop-up for a new text.

5. Voice notifications. Select ‘Read out notifications’ to activate voice notifications in Driver Mode for items like Facebook posts, text messages and upcoming appointments. You can also specify which notifications you would like to have read.

6. Voice prompts. Choose ‘Detailed prompts’ to have Dragon speak more information to confirm your actions.

Differentiate Yourself with Shared Intelligence

Dragon’s Driver Mode helps you remain hands-free and eyes-free when you’re on the move. Check out all the customizable Dragon features in Dragon’s settings for a truly unique personal mobile assistant experience.

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Try the new, smarter Dragon Mobile Assistant for how you live, work and play! Download the latest Dragon Mobile Assistant and experience it for yourself.

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