Dragon Mobile Assistant – giving you a faster, more streamlined mobile life

Named one of TIME Magazine’s ’50 Best Android Apps of 2013’, Dragon Mobile Assistant is one of the market’s leading examples of a bright future of personal assistants. Our latest update brings to life a new look and feel for our users, new experiences, and more natural interaction capabilities.

Whether you’re a social savvy teenager, a traveling business person, or a hectic-schedule-keeping mom, we know that your mobile device is a huge part of your life. You connect to those you love with it, you learn new things with it, and you even play games with it. Your mobile experience should be as easy and interactive as you need it to be – it should adapt to your life.

With Dragon Mobile Assistant we’re constantly trying to break the boundaries between humans and technology by bringing you a personal assistant that truly understands your needs. And with new updates, we’re helping you navigate your mobile life with ease:

  • New design: Enjoy faster access, easier reading and a friendlier, more accessible experience.
  • Faster speeds: Experience a snappier performance and better accuracy than ever before.
  • Calendar search and edit: Simply ask Dragon, “What’s my agenda today?” or “Find my calendar appointment where I’m meeting with Joe Smith” and receive detailed information and notifications.
  • Weather: New, fun weather capabilities advise you to bring an umbrella when it looks like rain… Just ask Dragon, “What’s the 5 day forecast?” or “What’s the current weather in Seattle?”

Get the faster, evolved and more accurate Dragon Mobile Assistant now on Google Play.

To learn more about our full suite of mobile apps, visit here.

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Josh Lipe

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