Dragon Mobile Assistant – your personal virtual assistant is at your service

Dragon Mobile Assistant is your personal assistant, designed for how you live, work and play. And with the most recent update to Dragon Mobile Assistant, you now have access to new features including an in-app timer and alarm clock, user tips and tricks, and improved web search.

What really makes the assistant on your device personal? Is it the way that you speak to it, the accounts you link to it, its ability to make your life easier, or even then name that you give it? There is no doubt that the answer to all these questions is always yes, but we also think there’s something more. A truly personal virtual assistant needs to do more than just listen and understand you; it needs to have the ability to make your life run smoothly.

Last week Nuance rolled out a new release of Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android. The latest release of Dragon Mobile Assistant is now easier to use and empowers you to use your assistant to do even more of your tasks so you don’t have to.  Your relationship with your personal assistant just got even better:

  • In-App Timer and Alarm: You can now set and remove alarms and timers within Dragon Mobile Assistant app –all hands free. You can say things like “set my alarm for 7am” so your assistant can wake you up or Set my timer for 10 minutes.” For help while cooking or as a reminder to wake you up from your power nap
  • Tips and Tricks: If you are new to the world of virtual personal assistants, or even if you’re well versed, you may not know all the great things that Dragon Mobile Assistant can do for you – so  we’ve made it even easier by adding in tips and tricks along the way.  As you use Dragon Mobile Assistant you’ll get tips on new features you haven’t tried yet, or tricks on how to use aspects of the Assistant you may not know about.
  • Improved Web Search: We’ve made improvements under the hood to get you faster, more accurate web search results.

Now that you know what’s new, install the updated Dragon Mobile Assistant and take these new features for a spin.

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Dictate an email, check traffic and weather, share your location and more – simply by speaking. Just a few of the smart, customizable features in the Dragon Mobile Assistant app, designed for how you live, work and play.


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  • Michael Holmes

    I saw some interesting features listed for this app, and thought I’d try it. Apparently it’s not available in Canada, on my Moto G5!

  • Bill Cohen

    Dragon mobile assistance app stopped answering phone calls on voice command. The app was working fine until a couple days ago. The command “answer” would usually answer the mobile call in speaker mode. It has stopped answering calls. I have tried stopping the app, restarting it, restarting the phone (Samsung galaxy 6). Any suggestions?

  • Eylene

    I really like the Dragon mobile assistance app, however I can’t have the app on drive mode and play music at the sametime. The app muffles the sound from others apps. 🙁
    Does anyone know how to fix this?
    (Samsung galaxy s6)

  • Wayne

    Just installed Dragon MA yesterday because it was the best rated voice activated assistant. Seems to work fine but when my phone has Bluetooth turned on, Dragon acts like it is making a phone call in my car and I can’t listen to anything else on the car radio. It doesn’t matter if Dragon is in Drive mode or has Attentive mode turned. It connects this way no matter what. Help! I want to like this app

Josh Lipe

About Josh Lipe

Josh serves as a Director in Nuance’s Mobile division and is responsible for leading teams in advancing Nuance’s mobile product portfolio, including TV and wearables. Prior to Nuance, Josh was Chief Technology Officer of a mobile strategy, design and application development firm responsible for creating mobile applications on behalf of large clients in the telecom and media space. Josh has also held leadership roles at T-Mobile in device product management and has been involved in progressing the mobile device and application ecosystem for much of his career. Josh has a B.S. from Georgia Tech. He spends much of his time in Boston and is active in a number of startups and angel investing.