In January of 2012, we pulled back the curtains and gave you your first look at Dragon TV, a revolutionary speech-driven platform that makes finding and accessing content in today’s digital living room faster and easier than ever before. Dragon TV thinks like you and enables a fast and intuitive search experience be it by name, genre, title, you name it! So now you can spend more time enjoying ‘what’s on’ and less time searching for it.

Leveraging Nuance voice and natural language technologies, Dragon TV enables users to discover content by speaking channel names, station names, show and movie names, and so much more. With Dragon TV, the many options for interactivity are fast and convenient, including dynamic text-to-speech capabilities and speech enabled access to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your favorite Web sites on the big screen.

So we want to know—what do you think of Dragon TV?

Stay tuned to for more updates on Dragon TV throughout 2013.


Marya McLaughlin

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