In January of 2012, we pulled back the curtains and gave you your first look at Dragon TV, a revolutionary speech-driven platform that makes finding and accessing content in today’s digital living room faster and easier than ever before. Today we’ve announced that Panasonic’s new lineup of SMART VIERA® HDTVs will feature voice capabilities powered by Nuance’s Dragon TV.

Get the content you want, search the web, connect with friends on social media, control channels and volume – all with the power of your voice! And your TV can even talk back with Dragon TV’s ability to read content and options back to you.

We know that the sheer amount of content out there can be overwhelming, and the traditional remote control as we know it is not able to keep up – so we’re making the process of finding what you want that much simpler. We’re creating a more humanistic, simple and intelligent way to interact with your TV – taking your digital life to the next level.

Panasonic SMART VIERA TVs featuring Dragon TV will be available worldwide beginning in the Spring of 2013.  For more details visit:

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