Great news Dragon fans!  We arrived in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this week armed with a few exciting announcements around how we’re transforming the way people stay connected in today’s digital world – including the news that our Dragon Voicemail to Text service powers the voice to text capabilities featured in the Visual Voicemail offering from T-Mobile USA!

T-Mobile’s Voicemail to Text offering lets customer READ their emails instead of listening to them – no more searching for pen and paper to write down messages, or having to listen and/or skip over unimportant messages.  Dragon Voicemail to Text automatically transcribes voicemails so that people can simply read them in whatever order you want! And T-Mobile customers have the option of receiving them as text messages or it can be sent directly to the user’s T-Mobile® Visual Voicemail inbox, so keeping up with voicemail has never been easier!

For more information about this announcement and availability, be sure to check out the full press release  here.


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