Despite what the title may suggest, rest assured you have not stumbled upon a review of the 1973 blockbuster movie starring Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Not even close! Rather, this is a big WELCOME to our newest Dragon Mobile Apps Fans in the great nation of Hungary! In case you haven’t heard the good news yet, our award-winning Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search Apps for iOS are now supporting Hungarian and available for download on the Hungary App Store! And in case we didn’t mention…they’re 100% FREE—so don’t wait!

And for those of you wondering what all the buzz is about, you’ve come to the right place! So here’s the deal. With Dragon Dictation (just hours after launch and already the #1 overall free app and #1 free business app!), speaking your mind has never been easier…and when we say speaking your mind, we really mean it! Simply open up your trusted Dragon Dictation app and speak your message—from emails to SMS messages to social media updates and so much more! Then simply sit back and watch as Dragon transcribes exactly what you say…no typing required!

As for Dragon Search (#1 free utility app and #2 overall free app!)…we promise you’re going to love it! Whatever it is you’re looking for on the mobile Web, you’ll find it quickly and easily with this app. Simply speak your search query and Dragon Search will instantly deliver you directly to the top content results you want! From Google to YouTube, and Wikipedia to iTunes…it’s all just a word away!

And as you may have heard…the Dragon is a world-traveler fluent in many languages, and you’re free to use them all! 

To download FREE, simply visit the Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search pages on the Hungarian Apple App Store. And once you’ve had a chance to take them for a spin, drop us a note here or on our Facebook page and tell us about it!

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