You’ve just gotten home from a long day at work when you open your fridge and see it’s completely empty. You forgot to go grocery shopping on your way home and now have nothing to make for dinner. You figure it’s time to shuffle through your regular stack of take-out menus when it hits you- Dragon can help, just ask!

Dragon Mobile Assistant can help you find a local restaurant quickly. Just tell Dragon to find “Nearby restaurants for takeout.”

Dragon will direct you to Yelp where you can find restaurants in your area that offer food to go. Now you can relax knowing your dinner will be on your doorstep soon.

Dragon Mobile Assistant makes doing tasks like finding local restaurants even easier by allowing you to be hands-free. Visit our blog next week to see our latest tips and tricks on how Dragon can complete tasks through the power of your voice.

Have you downloaded the latest version of Dragon Mobile Assistant? Get it here.

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Marya McLaughlin

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