Forgotten passwords are officially a thing of the past! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Dragon ID — an exciting new dimension of the Dragon Mobile experience that gives you the power to say “goodbye” to oft-forgotten passwords and say “Hello Dragon” instead.

With Dragon ID, your VOICE is your password. So by saying something as simple as  “Hello Dragon” -Dragon ID not only hears what you say,  it also recognizes your voice and unlocks your device  – no fumbling with small keyboards or multiple password attempts due to ‘fat-finger’ mistakes!

What’s more – because Dragon ID knows who you are by your unique voiceprint, you have confidence in knowing that your device, along with the content on it, is always secure.

So how will our powerful technologies drive these types of interactions? Check it out in action:

We have much more to tell you about Dragon ID. Just click here to make the jump.

Till next time…

Sean McGrath

About Sean McGrath

Based out of Nuance’s Seattle office, Sean C. McGrath is a Senior Product Marketing Manager dedicated to the mobile and living room space, including the Dragon Mobile application suite and Dragon TV. Prior to joining Nuance in 2010, Sean was focused on digital marketing and analytics initiatives for organizations in the travel and financial industries. Sean holds a Bachelor’s degree from Clemson University and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Boston University. In his spare time, he enjoys playing pick-up lacrosse and traveling.