Greetings Dragon Fans! Once again the summer Olympics are upon us, and this year’s London 2012 games are sure to inspire some amazing moments in sports history. The opening ceremonies have already caused great thrills around the world with James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuting down onto the stadium together to announce the opening of the games.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of all your favorite athletes, events and schedules, why not try Dragon Go! to make your life easy!?  With Dragon Go!, you simply ask for information like  “What Olympic events are showing today” and this dynamic app will instantly pull up the events calendar for you. Wondering which country has the highest medal count? Want to know what Ryan Lochte’s training schedule looks like? Or which events the athletes from Tuvalu are participating in?

Within seconds, Dragon Go! can help you find answers to all these questions and more! And don’t keep all these fun facts to yourself! You can easily share today’s event calendar, that China is leading the medal count with 14 medals and that Tuvalu is a paradise island off in the Pacific with  two sprinters and two weightlifters participating this year with friends and family via the Dragon Go! pop-up that gives you sharing options across email, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Skype and more.

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