The Greatest Voice of All Time: The Final Four go head-to-head

Just four remain in the battle for the Greatest Voice of All Time. Stunning upsets have occurred and two enticing matchups are set. Be sure to cast your votes to see your favorite voices advance.

After three rounds of exciting head-to-head matchups, the hunt for the Greatest Voice of All Time is down to just four names: Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and Christopher Walken.

Each has knocked off some impressive competition, from Walken ousting Elvis to Jones pushing past Casey Kasem. And now, the real debates begin. Connery and Jones are squaring off, while Freeman and Walken are poised for a memorable bout.

So, how did we get to these four names? The competition began with 32 of the most iconic voices ever, but, much like the NCAA tournament, the upsets stole the show early on. Walken advanced past ScarJo in the opening round, while Jack Nicholson delivered – at least in this writer’s opinion – a stunning upset over Arnold Schwarzenegger in the round of 32. Not one of the cartoons – Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson or Bugs Bunny – made it to the Elite Eight, while Joan Rivers, an early favorite, was one of the first to get the boot.

It’s been fun these first few rounds – passionate debates have occurred and emotions have run high. Now, the competition grows even fiercer, as we close in on a winner in advance of World Voice Day on April 16th.

So, keep the opinions spirited and make your voice heard. Cast your votes now and continue to share with friends, family, co-workers, and everyone in between.


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