The Greatest Voice of All Time: Let the games begin

What makes a good voice? Is it that of a famous singer, actor, activist, or even nostalgia-driven cartoon character? With World Voice Day just around the corner on April 16, we asked ourselves whether anyone ever tried to pinpoint the Greatest Voice of All Time. Without a good answer, we thought it would be interesting to ask the people. Cast your votes and keep tuning in to see which voice wins the title.

At Nuance, every day it’s our business to think about the power and possibility of voice. With World Voice Day, a global celebration of the human voice, around the corner on April 16, we asked ourselves whether anyone ever tried to pinpoint the greatest voice of all time.  Without a good answer, we thought it would be interesting to ask the people.

So, with a goal of ferreting out the best, we set forth to build a tournament field with some of the world’s greatest, most popular, most recognized voices of our time, admittedly from a U.S.-centric vantage.

Chances are you’ll look at our list, and scratch your head. How can they have Jack, but not Clint? Mickey without Donald? And just where the heck is Marlon, SpongeBob, Oprah, Humphrey or Pee Wee?

Believe me, we argued the same. The debates ran deep – opinions were charged, many a sound clip was played. But eventually the pizza ran out and our day jobs beckoned. So, we drew a line.

Thirty-two people made the cut, hundreds more found the floor, and our work was done. It’s now up to you to help identify the Greatest Voice of All Time.

“But, the greatest voice? Just what does that mean?”

Well, it’s up to you really. We’re not going to be prescriptive. The voice, in this case a voice, can be many things to many people. Powerful. Melodic. Emotional. Beautiful. Unique. Soulful. Memorable. Inspiring. With so many elements, it’s impossible to define criteria.  What matters most is what matters to you.

Between now and April 16, we’ll systematically pare this list through the power of opinion and elimination. At the end, we’ll have one. Will it be the greatest? Maybe, maybe not, but it will certainly be a favorite and no doubt a lightning rod for discussion.

Regardless of the outcomes, we hope you have as much fun on this journey as us, revisiting some powerful memories and letting it serve as a poignant reminder of the true power of voice, however we choose to celebrate it. Let the games begin.


Richard Mack

About Richard Mack

Rick serves as vice president of corporate marketing and communications at Nuance, where he directs worldwide, integrated programs that supports the company’s business growth, technology innovations and corporate development initiatives. He oversees an ever-evolving blend of media relations, marketing, employee communications, financial communications, social media, public affairs, and branding activities. During his tenure, he has helped architect and evolve the company’s positioning and visibility, presiding over substantial growth in awareness for Nuance among the industry, consumers, the media and investors. Prior to Nuance, Rick held senior communications roles at RSA Security, Mirror Image Internet and several Boston-area communications firms. He received an Economics degree from Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut. Rick resides in Winchester, MA with his wife, Margaret, and their two children, and is an avid cook in his spare time.