Problem: You need to text a friend, get today’s weather update or dictate an email – quickly and hands-free – but your phone is still “asleep.”

Solution: Just speak. Now you can use your voice to wake-up Dragon Mobile Assistant using the new Customizable Wake-up Word feature. This feature let’s you choose a personal wake-up command and Dragon Mobile Assistant will respond to whatever phrase you choose. So whether it’s “Hello Dragon” to “Hello Dolly” Dragon is ready to respond and deliver – hands-free and all by voice.

A Customizable Experience

Create your Wake-up Word in three easy steps.

1. Open Dragon and click the Settings section.

2. Choose ‘Customized wake-up phrase’ and type in the new phrase you would like to use in place of the pre-set ‘Hello Dragon.” This phrase could be anything you choose. We recommend at least two to three syllables, such as “Hello My Friend,” or “Wake-up Sammy.”

3. Press “okay” Now the next time you are looking to activate Dragon Mobile Assistant, say the phrase you selected and Dragon is ready to help whenever and wherever you need it.

Differentiate Yourself with Shared Intelligence

With features like the new Customizable Wake-up Word, Dragon truly helps you stay connected, access content and perform tasks on your mobile device, simply by using your voice.

Stay tuned for our other “How To” tips and tricks.

Dragon is the intelligent mobile assistant for how you live, work and play! Download the latest Dragon Mobile Assistant and experience it for yourself.

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