To many people, Dragon Mobile Assistant is much more than a “virtual” assistant that helps with everyday tasks – like scheduling appointments, hands-free texting, and keeping you connected with friends and family, simply by speaking. In a sense, it’s also an assistant with its own personality. Having said that, in our ongoing effort to continue to deliver a mobile assistant that is truly customized to your needs, we’ve just introduced new voices.

Say hello to our 3 new downloadable voices:

  • Jessica
  • Jonathan
  • Victoria

Now you can choose between either female or male voices – and it’s completely up to you to decide which one best fits your style. And best of all, depending on your mood, you can switch from one to another anytime. Here’s how:

Download your favorite voice today in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open Dragon and click into the Settings section.
  2. Select ‘Voice’.
  3. Choose your favorite option (you can listen to each one), and then press Okay.’
  4. Best of all, you can go into the Voice settings selection anytime and switch between one or the other. User’s choice.

Stay tuned for other How To articles to help you get the most out of the countless features in Dragon Mobile Assistant. Stay connected, access content and perform tasks on your mobile device, simply by using your voice.

Dragon is the intelligent mobile assistant for how you live, work and play! Download the latest Dragon Mobile Assistant and experience it for yourself.

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