Problem: You need to send a quick email but your hands are busy with another task. 

Solution: Don’t type your email, speak it. With Dragon Mobile Assistant at the ready, you can remain hands-free when and where you need to. Using Email Dictation, there is no typing or stopping required.

Hands-Free Email Dictation

Send emails by voice in a few simple steps.

1. Ask Dragon to ‘send an email.’
2. Dragon will ask to whom you would like to send an email. Simply tell Dragon the name of the contact, such as ‘Nicole.’
3. Dragon will then prompt you for the subject of the email. Tell Dragon the subject such as ‘Friday’s Meeting.’
4. Dictate to Dragon what you would like in the body of the email when Dragon asks, “What is the message?”
5. Tell Dragon to “send” once you’ve completed speaking your email, and it will be on its way.

Differentiate Yourself with Shared Intelligence

Dragon’s voice-enabled email allows you to utilize Dragon’s voice to text capabilities, helping you stay connected when you need it most.

Check back for other “How To” tips and tricks.

Try the new, smarter Dragon Mobile Assistant for how you live, work and play! Download the latest Dragon Mobile Assistant and experience it for yourself.

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